17 Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

If you own a business, by now you have probably discovered that there’s also a lot of competition, both local and national. An effective marketing program is vital for business owners in this competitive industry.Do you need marketing ideas to help you increase local business? If so, this article is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Below is a list of marketing strategies that will help you increase your exposure and grow your business.

1. If your local business just opened, hold an open house so people can come in and learn about your company.
2. Offer discounted prices for people who purchase during the first 30 days.
3. Offer something free to new customers.
4. Direct mail postcards are perfectly suited for local business marketing because you can target a certain area around your location.
5. Good ideas and unique services can help you … Continue reading

Unveiling of Google’s New Display Platform

Why haven’t you been advertising on Google’s Display Network?

If you are like many other advertisers your answers are probably similar to ones such as…

  • I don’t see the value.
  • It’s not cost effective.
  • It’s too difficult to truly target your audience.
  • The system itself is too complicated.

If those reasons sound familiar to you, you may want to reconsider your decision not to advertise on the display network. Google has recently revamped the look, feel and functionality of their Display Network. These changes have definitely minimized (or even eliminated) many of the obstacles you may have previously experienced.

Google describes the renovation of their Display Network advertising as “a bit of a fairytale-like transformation”. The overhaul of the options now provided by Google include doing away with the overused conversion instruction of “Click Here!” banner ads, to new and improved banner or other display adds that are more modern … Continue reading

The Wrong Keywords Can Sabotage Your 2012 Campaigns – Part 2

2012 – This is your year to experience abundance in the ROI of your online marketing efforts. As I mentioned last month, there are many factors that will contribute to the success or failure of a paid search campaign. Last month we talked about the importance of keyword selection as it pertains to relevancy and budget. This month we will be following up with a discussion about grouping keywords.

How Important Is It To Group Your Keywords By Theme?

Think about it this way. What would happen if you went to the grocery store and the dairy products weren’t grouped with the dairy products? What if the meat products were grouped with the cookies? It would be utter chaos. Imagine how long it would take you to find the item you wanted. Don’t bother to ask an employee. If the items are not grouped together in a logical order, they … Continue reading

Keywords Can Enhance or Sabotage Your 2012 Campaigns – Part 1

2012 – This is your year to experience abundance in the ROI of your online marketing efforts. Of course, there are many factors that will contribute to the success or failure of a paid search campaign. This is the first of several upcoming articles that will provide you tools, tips and tricks that will enable you to achieve your 2012 marketing goals. Since incorrect or nonexistent keywords strategies seem to be an overwhelming culprit to failed campaigns, the first series of articles will focus on developing a keywords strategy that will set you up for victory.

The selection of keywords is an intricate process. There could be hundreds or thousands of keywords that relate to your business. Should you use them all? That’s a great question and the answer is “it depends”. Prior to determining what keywords you should use, there are many questions you must consider. Today, we’ll talk … Continue reading

Super Long Adwords Headlines?

Google is always adding or changing something and for the casual user most of the changes go unnoticed. However, the advertisers, webmasters and business owners are always trying to find a secret tip or magic bullet to give them an advantage over the competition. Google’s advertising program Adwords, has made many changes in 2011, but one change that has went under the radar is extended headlines.

These longer headlines are important to adwords users because the headline is the most critical part of any ad, and a longer headline is going to draw more attention and hopefully more clicks. Increasing the click-through-rate will help improve your quality score and decrease the cost per click. While this is far from a magic bullet, the advertisers that take advantage of this updated feature will definitely have a slight edge on the competition.

What are Adwords Extended Headlines?

In a traditional adwords ad … Continue reading

SEM For Sites That Have Organic Ranking Problems

Many websites are created in such a way that it is difficult to get ranked in the search engines without a complete overhaul. Because some websites were created incorrectly, it is extremely difficult to see results from SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Occasionally these sites even have problems ranking organically for the name of their own business! Without performing an entire website redesign there is one thing that can be done to make sure that the website is seen and can be found in the organic listings, even by existing customers. A good first step in determining if your website’s ranking problems are due to the way it was constructed, you need to know what causes the problems with SEO.

What Types of Website Would Have Trouble With SEO

The majority websites on the internet, especially those built by DirectiveGroup, will perform very well organically or can easily be optimized … Continue reading