Oh Facebook, How I Hate To Love Thee

If you’re like me, you have a near love/hate relationship with Facebook. You love the audience size available on Facebook as the world’s dominating social network. You hate the incessant privacy and design changes that roll out every 6-12 months. You love seeing your audience engage your brand and products, but hate EdgeRank algorithm updates that seem to make no sense. Hold on to your seats, marketers, there’s another update rolling out, and this will add to the “love” of Facebook once again.

The Problem – Making Introductions

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly hold Facebook to be a necessary tool in just about every marketer’s tool belt. There has been one primary problem to this point with trying to leverage Facebook to build your audience, and that has been finding targeted people on Facebook that are not already connected to your brand.

Until now, the only really effective way … Continue reading