How To Win Millennials Over: Connect the Dots


Millennials don’t like to be marketed to.

Yes, you heard right. If you’re a company who is looking to connect with and acquire a majority market share portion of this generation’s attention and support; you’ll have to rethink your strategy.

So the question becomes, what do Millennials do differently that forces us to reshape our online marketing strategy? Everything.

The Buying Process.

Let’s begin with how Millennials like to shop online. Millennials have reshaped the face of marketing, by introducing and requiring the focus to be towards online and mobile marketing. But, the medium isn’t the only challenge B2B companies and manufacturing brands are facing. The sales cycle and sales funnel has also varied to accommodate Millennials’ online shopping habits.

With the rise of wish lists and save to cart tools, Millennials are notably using these tools to cyber window shop. Millennials are savvy researchers whom will look into a … Continue reading