Top 3 Digital Transformation Trends In Manufacturing For 2020

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated by a piece from an industry thought leader. Here, our Director of Paid Marketing, Kim Figor, discusses an article from Forbes by contributor, Daniel Newman “Top 3 Digital Transformation Trends In Manufacturing For 2020

If I had to choose one buzzword that has been consistent over the past few years, it would probably be “digital transformation”. Why? This phrase seems to be consistent year over year. Yes, in the technology, but (arguably) in the companies who adopt these new technologies.

I found Newman’s article very interesting as without saying so, Newman did a fabulous job of contradicting a popular manufacturer stereotype of being late adopters. As Newman states “It’s the manufacturing companies themselves recognizing the massive impact of connecting one’s work and processes to the IoT.” Continue reading “Top 3 Digital Transformation Trends In Manufacturing For 2020”

How to Disrupt Customer Thinking For Greater Consideration and Higher Conversions

outside the box words on product boxWhat would you say if you knew that your potential customers were nearly 60% of the way through the purchase process before they ever engage with sales? A study from CEB Marketing Leadership Council indicates just that. Customers start their due diligence by looking at third party websites, referring to colleagues or other customers, and by using other sources other than the vendor’s website. This begs the question: how do you disrupt customers who are already 60% of the way to their purchase decision in order to become an option in their consideration set?

There are really two ways to approach this quandary. You could pull out all the bells and whistles when the buyer finally decides to engage with you and/or you can find a way to get out in front of them much earlier in the process before they are fully entrenched in their thinking.

Bells and Whistles

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Manufacturers: Get Social With Millennials


By now you must be asking yourself, how can I integrate these online platforms into our marketing, in order to reach my growing target audience, Millennials? Wonder no more. We’ll walk you through how to get social so you can focus more on the increase of your business.

As you’ve previously learned, in, what you need to know, it is extremely important to reach out and communicate with this Millennials demographic while they are still in their youth, to help cement a connection that is certain to mature as they age. By establishing a brand advocacy now, you’ll help keep the business of tomorrow’s affluent consumer, Millennials.

Social media allows this generation to explore, create and share their interests with a growing network of friends, family and even strangers, and that’s an appeal that has kept this new communication platform a hot commodity.

Where To Be Seen

It is … Continue reading

The Millennial Generation: What You Need To Know


By now, you’ve been introduced to your biggest customer, Millennials and connected the dots on How To Win Millennials Over.

Today, we’ll focus on peeling another layer in the Millennials’ mind, to include their way of life. As a B2B company, not only must you understand who Millennials are as well as learn what their purchase behavior is all about, but what will make or break your campaign and ad messaging is the connection you make with this generation directly; by speaking their language and behavior with your product/service.

What Matters Most

Millennials value their time, just like any generation but they measure success by their social network stance, work/life balance and fitness. Fitness trends are changing and it’s partly due to this generation’s take on what health means. Understand that for Millennials, good health isn’t a simple gym workout routine, this generation prefers outdoor excursions, hiking, mountain climbing, … Continue reading

Manufacturers: Meet Your Biggest Customer, Millennials.


If you’re a company looking to increase revenue in the next decade, it is a must that you pay great attention to Millennials. Wonder why? In 10 years, this generation will make up 75% of the workforce. In fact, 46% of potential B2B buyers are Millennials. If you don’t think you need to know them now, think again.

An industry sector that doesn’t get enough digital marketing play are manufacturers. In this digital age, no industry can afford to stay behind on how to maximize their revenue and increase profits through digital marketing. Your customers are in the online space, all day long, and are seeking to connect with you. Why not meet them where they like to be seen, and begin forming a strong relationship? Companies of all sizes and types have found great success with digital marketing, and it’s time manufacturers caught up.

The Why

Millennials will search … Continue reading

Game On! US Manufacturing On The Rise

Manufacturing Factory

According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, the United States manufacturing sector has been making huge strides in the last 5 years to become more competitive in the global manufacturing space. According to this study, in 2004 manufacturing cost 14% less in China than in the United States. AS of January 2014, that gap had narrowed to 5%. The study also concluded that by 2018, manufacturing will cost less in the United States than in China.

While this is exceptional news for US manufacturers, it means that domestic competition is going to increase, and the already changing market is going to shift in the way it does business.

The Old World Is Passing – The New World is Dawning.

Whether we’re talking early supply chain manufacturers, or lower chain distributors, the landscape of manufacturing is changing. According to the 2013 Digital Use In The Industrial Sector report from … Continue reading