Unveiling of Google’s New Display Platform

Why haven’t you been advertising on Google’s Display Network?

If you are like many other advertisers your answers are probably similar to ones such as…

  • I don’t see the value.
  • It’s not cost effective.
  • It’s too difficult to truly target your audience.
  • The system itself is too complicated.

If those reasons sound familiar to you, you may want to reconsider your decision not to advertise on the display network. Google has recently revamped the look, feel and functionality of their Display Network. These changes have definitely minimized (or even eliminated) many of the obstacles you may have previously experienced.

Google describes the renovation of their Display Network advertising as “a bit of a fairytale-like transformation”. The overhaul of the options now provided by Google include doing away with the overused conversion instruction of “Click Here!” banner ads, to new and improved banner or other display adds that are more modern … Continue reading