How Hospitality Marketers Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty occurs when a customer feels so h4ly about your hospitality company that other choices are almost never considered. These customers often start referring to your organization as their restaurant, hotel or entertainment venue. Loyal customers tell managers when problems occur expecting that they will be resolved. These customers have an emotional attachment to the organization, and they are the ones who come back often, spend more and should create a majority of a company’s revenue. The digital marketing team plays an important role in moving customers from satisfied to loyal. Here are some ways that hospitality marketing can increase customer loyalty.

Increased Customer Service

Hurried travelers want to be able to easily reach customer service when a problem arises. The key lies in offering customers as many ways to reach a representative that is equipped to handle problems in as possible. Chat and text features allow travelers in noisy … Continue reading

So Now You Want To Deliver Great Customer Experiences?   

If you are a marketer, manager, or marketing executive, you are probably always looking for innovative methods to improve your customer experience marketing as the result of extremely satisfied consumers is usually a more profitable business. In order to make the customer experience central of your success, you will need to enhance customer service in a digital way, create many personalized interactions, and consistently reward your most loyal customers.

Enhance Customer Service With Social Media

At the core of any great customer experience is excellent customer service. A study reported that 47 percent of consumers would shop at a competitor if they experienced poor customer service. Due to the astonishing results of this study, it’s simply not in your business’ best interest to deliver poor customer service to your customers. The good news is that these detrimental habits can be easily corrected with the proper training and resources.

To offer … Continue reading

How You Can Build Customer Loyalty

Keeping your current customers happy is just as – if not more – important than acquiring new customers. Focusing on your current clients will definitely set your business apart in the long run. Building customer loyalty will keep your company thriving for years to come.

You may very good at drawing new customers in, but do you know how to keep them? Below are some tips on how to build customer loyalty.


Follow up on a consistent basis

One of the best ways to retain customers and keep them happy is to follow up after the purchase is made. Meaningful follow up can be as simple as a “just checking in” email or a postcard sent in the mail a few days after the sale. And then stay in touch on a regular basis. Customers will feel more of a connection to both you and your company if you let … Continue reading