3 Marketing Lessons Every Business Can Use (Steal) From Microsoft

As a small and or medium-sized business, you may look to companies like Apple Inc., or Microsoft Corporation for a good model to emulate when it comes to marketing and advertising. You see droves of people waiting for the release of the new MacBook Air and think, “If I could get people or businesses to want my product like that!”


Of course, the problem is your business doesn’t have an unlimited marketing budget. When you pay for advertising, you need customers to walk in the door immediately. In most cases, you need customers to walk in the door before the check clears on the money you just spent.

While we don’t recommend you spend millions of dollars on branding, there are some lessons you can learn about getting customers and advertising from the giants like Microsoft.

Here are 3 things you can learn from Microsoft’s advertising of the Microsoft Surface product line:

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17 Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

If you own a business, by now you have probably discovered that there’s also a lot of competition, both local and national. An effective marketing program is vital for business owners in this competitive industry.Do you need marketing ideas to help you increase local business? If so, this article is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Below is a list of marketing strategies that will help you increase your exposure and grow your business.

1. If your local business just opened, hold an open house so people can come in and learn about your company.
2. Offer discounted prices for people who purchase during the first 30 days.
3. Offer something free to new customers.
4. Direct mail postcards are perfectly suited for local business marketing because you can target a certain area around your location.
5. Good ideas and unique services can help you … Continue reading