Shape Your Marketing Strategy With Google Analytics

It is rather surprising to imagine how advanced computing systems have become within a very short time. Considering that not even a century has passed by since the modern computers were first created, Information Technology has become very sophisticated and there are several extraordinary technologies that are capable of accomplishing tasks that would take centuries for the collective human population to complete.

Google Analytics is one such extraordinary friend for any businesses interested in shaping an optimal marketing strategy. It makes use of effective algorithms and uses its ‘computer brain’ to map an effective and optimal method for you to succeed in your business. Even though it can be hard at first to understand the technical concepts underlying Google Analytics, with time and experience it can become your best friend in the field of business. Here are some effective tips you can use to shape your business marketing strategies.


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Is your Content Marketing Strategy Working?

Without Google Analytics to measure your content marketing strategy, you won’t have enough information to make informed decisions. Anyone can lets. Google Analytics not only tells you how many people are coming to your site, but which keywords they used to arrive there. It will let you know where most of your traffic is coming from and also what platforms need to be supported more. For instance, you might be getting a sizable portion of your traffic from smartphones, in which case it would be a good idea to make your content mobile-friendly.

Quality Content is Even More Important than Before

With the Hummingbird and Panda Google updates, the need for quality content has only increased. Content needs to be informative, engaging, and also seeks to please Google and visitors alike. Instead of less content, more is needed to make an impression with Google, however, too much of the same … Continue reading

Assisted Conversions: Stop Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water!

Every marketer is tasked with identifying the marketing vehicle(s) that will result in the most revenue at the lowest cost. During discussions with my clients regarding this endeavor, I often hear pains of frustration. This frustration is primarily caused by the inability to accurately identify a direct marketing path to a sale. The reality is that in today’s world, this direct path seldom exists.

Understanding how assisted conversions work and what the data means will help to minimize a lot of the frustration.

Is Your ROI Going Up or Down?

It’s fairly easy to identify the last touch point or sometimes even the first touch point a consumer makes prior to purchasing or even the first touch point. However, when looking at these touch points alone, many marketers find themselves in situations where they are spending more and generating less revenue. Why is this?

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