2011 SEO Ranking Factors – The King and Queen Are…

Every two years SEOMoz, one of the leading voices for the SEO industry, produces a report that outlines what the leaders of the SEO industry have observed are the contributing factors to general search engine algorithms. No surprise the study below indicates Content is Still King and Links Are a Strong Queen.

Content is Still King

Content accounts for about 26% of the current search algorithm. This is leveraging your target keyword in the various parts of the page content and having good keyword density, prominence and proximity.

Even with only 26% of the algorithm being based on focusing on this factor, it is where a search engine gets relevance for a search. Of crucial importance to understand is if this is ignored, or not given the attention it needs, your site can miss being ranked for your target keyword even with the other factors in line.

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The REAL Secret For Online Marketing Success

online marketing successMost likely you’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles with titles similar to this one. Chances are they were not-very-well veiled attempts at selling an e-book, a white paper, or trying to get you to join a “mastermind” group. You won’t find any of those things here. We’ll tell you the truth about online marketing success…and it won’t cost you a dime!

But first you need to hear the hard truth. Here’s what the online marketing “gurus” won’t tell you…

  • There’s no magic ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ program for PPC.
  • There’s no social network that will get people in your door.
  • There’s no SEO guru who can wave a wand and ‘out-smart’ Google.
  • There’s no way to generate leads and obtain sales simply by having a beautiful website.
  • There’s no quick fix.

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Is the SEO Game Changing?

Over the last couple years, Google has made several significant changes, just take a look at the infographic below.
Now add to this list a new change that’s on the horizon: Google +1.

This new addition is the merging of organic and paid search with social interactions. Here’s the theory:

You’re doing a search, and you really like one of the results. You hit the “+1” button. This now adds a “bookmark” in your profile for that site, increases how it performs in search for you, and increases how it performs in search for everyone in you Google network.

Google posted on their official blog last Wednesday the announcement with this explanation:

Our goal at Google is to get you the most relevant results as quickly as possible. But relevance is about relationships as well as words on webpages.

Does this really matter?

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Will You Swap Links?

Link building is an integral piece of any solid SEO campaign. When you consider links make up about 42% of what determines where a site shows up in Search Engine Rankings, this is a factor you simply cannot afford to ignore.

One link building strategy is Reciprocal Link Building, otherwise known as link swapping. If you are the admin listed on a website, then you are sure to have received a request to place a link on your site in exchange for a link back. The universal question to SEO newcomers is: Should I do it?

What Does Yoda Say?

Ok, so the Search Engines may not be Yoda, but it’s important to know how they regard reciprocal links. Here’s what is listed on Google’s Webmaster Central:

…some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking, disregarding the quality of the

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SEO and SMM are Getting Married

Most entrepreneurs have at least heard the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), and have some desire to leverage them to bring their business to new, otherwise untapped, markets. What exactly are these two marketing strategies, and how do they hinge on each other?

SEO Is About Visibility

When people talk about SEO, it really means changing the variables of a particular site, or profile, to make that site friendlier to search engines and to increase the visibility of that site, page or profile in targeted Search Engine queries.

There are many factors that impact where a particular website will display in the Search Results (SERPs), but a few of the factors include:

  • Age of content on the pages of the site.
  • How relevant the content is to the search query.
  • Number and quality of other sites that link to your site.

SMM is Critical to

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SEO: Rankings Are Not The End All

On the surface it always seems better to be on top. We want to win, to be the best, and having our business highest ranking on the search engine results page feels great. But remember why you created an online presence in the first place: Leads and conversions. You want quality contacts that generate revenue. Having a high ranking keyword is great if it brings you to your goal. However, there are other things to consider.

In The One Mistake That Many CEOs Make About SEO, this problem is identified. The fact is, the top position is only as good as the performance of that keyword. SEO is about finding keywords that generate a ROI (return on investment). If a keyword has a good ROI, it’s a priority keyword. However, it if doesn’t, then reconsider insisting that keyword be top ranking, even if it is a relevant term in … Continue reading