Google Analytics for Manufacturers: Significance of Website URL Structure

A good URL structure can help your SEO a long way. We often overlook the impact of well-defined URL structure has on tracking your web analytics. A user friendly URL structure not only provides an excellent navigation experience for visitors, but also helps you in tracking them easily using you google analytics platform. Following are some of the areas in google analytics, where, having a good website URL structure helps in drawing more insights.

Accuracy in Tracking Data

Tracking the performance of landing pages and efficiency of the funnel is an important aspect of analyzing web analytics data. A well-defined URL structure can help you in identifying these web pages easily within the google analytics platform. You can easily visualize the behavior of your users on the website, especially when you have huge content on your website. You can also easily analyze the performance of individual sub sections and identify … Continue reading

Google Can Read The Text In Your Images

We have known for a long time that Google reads the text we have on our website (you would be surprised that this is not always common knowledge), but images have long been an area of pain for marketers. On the one hand, images convey valuable information to the user in a format that is easy for them to identify with. On the other hand, search engines like Google can’t index the information you have in your images, and must rely on title tags to identify the information. Until now!

Google has had the OCR technology for a while actually, using it to scan books and street signs. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is the method Google uses to scan your images and index the text. They are using this information for some cool applications, like the Google Translate app which allows you to scan a sign … Continue reading