Hidden Google Money Grabs: Targeting Expansion

Last week I posted an article describing the fact that many advertisers lose money due to the default advanced geotargeting settings in every campaign.

This week I’ll describe another hidden “grab” that causes every Google Display Network ad group to lose money – by default.

Targeting Expansion

The culprit is a hidden ad-group-level “feature” called “Targeting Expansion”. Continue reading “Hidden Google Money Grabs: Targeting Expansion”

Hidden Google Money Grabs: Geotargeting

Yes, Google is a public company whose mantra needs to be “increasing shareholder value.” But unfortunately, there are a few “features” in Google Ads that maximize Google revenue by hiding default options that eat advertiser spend without delivering value.

We’ll start with faulty geotargeting.

By default, Google has your permission to display your ads to people all over the world – even if you use geotargeting (as most advertisers do).

For proof that this affects your Google Ads account, run a User Location report. You’ll likely see that your ads have been, for example, displayed to people outside the USA even if you have only targeted the USA – or even a small portion of the USA.

That’s likely wasting money – sometimes a lot of money. Continue reading “Hidden Google Money Grabs: Geotargeting”

Making the Most out of Scripts for Your PPC Campaigns

Wondering how Google scripts can automate your business? Here is everything you need to know to get you started.

In this article we will cover:

• What is a script/ how is it used
• How to use Ad scripts
• How can scripts help improve Google Ads
• Top Google Ad Scripts Continue reading “Making the Most out of Scripts for Your PPC Campaigns”

YouTube, New Opportunities for Today

As we spend more time at home, viewer attention is shifting even more to online entertainment options. People are streaming on TV screens and using their mobile devices to watch their favorite shows more than ever, and that is opening additional opportunities for YouTube advertisers.

YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among ad-supported streaming services and represents a quarter of all streaming watch time across (subscription and ad-supported platforms) in the US (Comscore).

Ads on the YouTube platform are a highly effective medium to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. However, it is critical when employing YouTube Ads that a maintenance strategy is in place as new changes to the platform can both provide new opportunities and require modifying ads to maintain and increase ROI.

In fact, several new changes, available now, are designed to make advertising more effective and reach more users. Continue reading “YouTube, New Opportunities for Today”

Take Advantage of Facebook Search Ads

Facebook began rolling out a new feature to its search engine in late October 2019 – Search placements. Meaning that your Facebook ad can now show up in results from the search box. This development caters to advertisers by making the search box tailored to reach customers.  
What are Facebook search ads? 
Facebook search ads are a new form of advertising allowed on their platform. This previously tested feature is set to change campaign management of Facebook ads, and provide a new place to advertise. This could be music to the ears of marketers, all members of an ad agency, and internet-based businesses. The advertisements that normally show up on the sidebars and in the news feed, will also be added to search bar results. 
This option was originally tested in 2013, to find new ways to allow marketers to reach clients as ad space became scarce. The idea was to allow businesses to … Continue reading

[Blog Abstract] One Marketer’s Take on Facebook’s Clear History

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated by content from an industry thought leader. Here, our Paid Advertising Strategist, Alexandra Sciocchetti, discusses the recent Martech Advisor article, “Ready to Be Forgotten: How Marketers Must Prepare for Facebook’s “Clear History” by Kazu Takiguchi, Founder and CEO.

We recently published a blog detailing the Facebook’s new Clear History feature (read it here). 

Continue reading “[Blog Abstract] One Marketer’s Take on Facebook’s Clear History”