Five Things You Can Do To Double Your Website Conversion

There are many reasons why prospects don’t take action when they land on a website, but we choose five (non-technical) things you can improve to increase website conversion almost immediately. Read through the five and then take a look at your website. Where can you improve?

Strengthen your message potency by focusing

Who are you speaking to and what problem are you solving? A website should clearly speak to the problems of the target marketplace and offer specific solutions to those problems. If you try to speak to everyone, you dilute your message and run the risk of not resonating with anyone. It’s best to have your ideal client in mind when creating web content and offer solutions that are attractive and specific to that market. Focus your message and increase the pulling power at the same time.

Make an offer

The Google dictionary defines an “offer” as an expression Continue reading

Trust and Credibility…Critical in Today’s Marketplace

The volatility of the global marketplace; the economy, terrorism, political corruption, corporate scandals, scam artists, and more have left us feeling uncertain, unsafe and not knowing who to trust anymore. People only want to buy from companies that have credibility and can meet expectations. People they trust! Both character and competence are vital to trust and sustained success. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tagline is appropriately, “Start With Trust”.

Does your website have credibility? Do your prospective clients trust you?

There are 2,000,000 search inquiries on Google every minute! When an interested prospect finds you online and clicks to your website, will they contact you? Trust and credibility are the key.

Here are the Stanford University Website Credibility Guidelines: Continue reading “Trust and Credibility…Critical in Today’s Marketplace”

Don’t Break Your Online Content Vows

As a marketing copywriter, I have 2 very important goals for every writing project:

  1. Educate consumers about the advantages of your product or service and help them understand what problems you solve.
  2. Help them understand why you are the best choice to solve their problems and nudge them toward making a purchase.

Sounds simple, right?

Not so much.

If you read the typical business website you will see that it isn’t easy at all.  Here are a few common mistakes…

  • You describe the product or service instead of explaining how it can solve customer’s problems or improve their lives.
  • You use industry jargon rather than a language your customers understand.
  • You have no call-to-action and readers don’t know what they are supposed to do next.
  • You fail to keep content fresh and relevant which gives the impression of an abandoned site.

Making any one of these, or many other, fundamental … Continue reading