8 Tips | Marry Summer With Your Marketing Message

Although some of our clients thrive during the summer, most dread the inevitable decrease in business during the summer season. Seasonality always plays an important role in how well any business thrives during any time period. Why?

We all know that consumers’ needs change seasonally, or for the purpose of this article, during the summer. Summer is the time when most people (unless you live in the desert) spend more time outdoors, take more vacations and are even more spontaneous.

In the summer, people tend to change their habits. They eat less, eat light foods and tend to eat foods that take less preparation time. They are more aware of what they consider to be imperfections of their bodies. They may exercise more or spend more time in salons and spas.

Another obvious change is wardrobe. Consumers tend to wear lighter colored clothing that breathes, open-toed shoes…and the ties get … Continue reading

One in a Billion—Why Building a Website Isn’t Enough

online-marketing-options By the end of this year, there will be more than one billion websites on the Internet. That’s one billion competitors vying for the time and attention of potential customers. While a powerful, user-friendly site still serves as the foundation for any solid online presence, increasing competition online, regardless of the industry you’re in, requires you to do more than simply build a site and hope customers reach out to you. In order to drive visitors to your site, you have to employ a host of tactics, including…

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google and Bing strive to index most web pages to provide users with the best search information possible. However, your site’s presence on these engines isn’t enough to drive organic search engine traffic to you. Your search engine ranking, or where your site appears in a list of search results, is crucial to driving … Continue reading

5 Oldschool Marketing Tactics That Still Work!

meow mix jingle If you have been doing marketing for any length of time then you are probably aware of one thing: Things change. A lot! Just look around on any given day and you will notice there are far fewer magazine stands and book stores still standing, which makes sense. Magazines make a lot of their revenue from advertisements, but when advertisers find more cost efficient means to promote their goods or services they no longer need the reach and exposure that the magazine provides.

That doesn’t mean that all of the “oldschool” marketing tactics are gone though. While it is true that print advertising has seen a drastic decline in the last ten years, there are still plenty of traditional marketing tactics that still work.  There was an article on Forbes by Steve Olenski recently that talks about just that. You can see the full article here: “Throwback Thursday:  5 Old School Marketing Methods That Still WorkContinue reading “5 Oldschool Marketing Tactics That Still Work!”

Are You Using Content Marketing Well?

There is a very interesting article on Forbes by Greg Satell about the correct way to do content marketing. He made some arguments for moving from the general “content” concept to the mindset of “becoming a publisher.” He also talks about defining your mission and making it a priority to hold attention rather than just grab it. Finally he ends the article recommending we create as much value as possible and focus on content skills rather than content strategy.

You can check out the entire article, “How to do content marketing right.

What do you think about his ideas and more importantly will they work for your business?

How To Do Content Marketing Right

Content is hot! What used to be a relatively small cadre of bloggers and YouTube enthusiasts has become a major marketing arena. There is a slew of specialist agencies producing branded content and major

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Is Your Content Marketing a Message in a Bottle? You Need a Content Strategy

You’ve probably heard the marketing chestnut “Content is king.” And indeed, content marketing is a lynchpin to your business’s online success. However, what is becoming increasingly true is that, for successful companies, content marketing by itself isn’t enough. Instead, as recent polls show, more companies than ever are realizing they need effective content strategy to drive their marketing activities.

The Numbers Tell the Tale: Successful Companies Employ Content Strategy

The Content Marketing Institute’s annual marketing polls report marketing trends of the previous year and use that data to predict future trends for the year, and years, ahead. These polls provide some of the best statistics on what companies are doing in the marketing sector. Regarding content marketing and content strategy, the latest numbers are striking:

In the B2B Field:

  • 93 % of respondents use some form of content marketing.
  • 44% of respondents employed a documented content strategy; however…
  • 66% of
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Marketing To Children Is A Waste Of Time! Or Is It?

One of the most important decisions a marketer has to make is where he or she will allocate a limited marketing budget. How much money should be spent on branding? How much money should be spent on which product or services? And, the question I will be talking about today, what demographic should be the target market?

One school of thought is that it’s best to invest money towards adults and parents because these are the people who have the money to spend. Another school of thought is to advertise to the children because they will influence the adults to spend money. Before I give you my opinion, let me share a few recent conversations that my husband, Eric, and I have had with Paris, our 6 year old daughter.

Conversation 1

A few weeks ago, on his way out the door to leave for the grocery store, … Continue reading