Why Growth Hacking Needs To Grow Up

From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Mark comments on an article posted on Forbes Blog by Adam Marchic, Why Growth Hacking Needs To Grow Up.

As a direct response online marketer, I have an affinity for the idea of growth hacking and startups. I’m constantly reading books and buying training on the topic, and as a entrepreneur, I have this love affair with he idea of growth. Sometimes it can be bright and blinding. That’s why this new series Why Growth Hacking Needs To Grow Up is an interesting topic and I’ll look forward to what Adam has to say in his five-part series.

Personally, I have learned there are different stages to growth, and every company must mature and adapt as they pass through these stages. The same tactics that helped you grow in the start-up phase, may be a hindrance in the next phase.

This means a growth strategy needs to evolve with the growth of a company, but let’s wait and see what Adam has to say about it.

The first part of this five-part series is up, check it out here.


Author: Mark B

Mark Bowens is passionate about life, entrepreneurship, and direct response internet marketing.