Want an easy way to increase traffic? Include Author Snippets in your blog!

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to increase your search traffic? Look no further! Setting up author snippets on your blog is a great way to increase click through rate and help with branding. There are still a lot of people that don’t have this feature enabled, and it is relatively easy to implement. Stay ahead of the game and enable author snippets on your blog today!

What is an author snippet?

author snippet

Have you ever been searching for information and noticed that some of the results have people next to them? That is an author snippet. Google allows authors of content to link their profile to their Google account and display this information along side the results.

Having these snippets enabled on your site will help increase your click through rate and draw more attention to your results in search

How do you set up author snippets?

Fortunately for you, setting up these snippets is an easy task! Google has made the task relatively easy and painless. There are two ways to set up these author tags:

1) Link your Google + account with your email address

If you have an email address that is from the same domain as your blog it’s as simple as going to their authorship page and verifying your address.

Ensure that your Google + profile has a decent photo of yourself attached to it, since this will be the photo that gets displayed in results!

2) Manually code and link your Google + profile

If the above method does not work, never fear! You can also manually insert your author information into a piece of content and link your Google + profile with the piece. I would write the instructions here, but Google has already done a fantastic job on their help article about enabling authorship.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to increase your web presence and bring you more traffic. If you are still having trouble generating the traffic you want, why not give DirectiveGroup a call at 866-925-9524 and let us help you get results!


Author: Larry Lembcke

Larry has 10 years of internet marketing experience and specializes in inbound marketing. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to do nearly everything in the internet marketing space, including paid and organic search marketing, web design, graphic design, strategy, and management. Larry fills a diverse role at LocalDirective and goes wherever, whenever, to get the job done!