4 Ways To Use Social Media Customer Service To Your Company’s Advantage

People tend to have an opinion about a product or service every company provides. In this fast-paced digital era of information, social media platforms are becoming another platform where companies and customers are coming together to talk about a variety of business services. In order to create a positive experience for your customers, you’ll want to make sure that your employees understand how to communicate with your clients. Use these four tips to use social media platforms to your advantage when your customers need help.


1. Listen and pay attention

When a customer comes in contact with your company, you want to pay close attention to what they’re saying. See what problem they have, and recognize that you may or may not have the answer immediately. Validate their concerns and ask them to explain the issue in more detail if you’re still unclear of the problem. Customers appreciate when companies listen to them without assuming their issue.

2. Make the outcome even better than they expect

Consumers are consistently buying products and services each day. This might be food, groceries, clothes, home supplies, appliances or electronics. Unfortunately, consumers deal with many disappoints and regrets after their purchases. Many can become a bit jaded after too many bad transactions. Put your company ahead of your competition and leave the customer better off than when they came to you. Correct their issue and give them a discount on their next purchase. Mail a new product to them and don’t charge for shipping.

3. Apologize and deal with the issue respectfully

Generally, when customers come to the company with a concern, they’re already a bit frazzled. They’ve come to your social media channel to have their problem solved. Sometimes they come there to vent as well. Realize that they are coming to you with their frustrations. Let them know that you’re sorry for their inconvenience, and be considerate throughout the complaint.

4. Give a them a great experience

We’re bombarded with thousands of advertisements every day. Every business wants to show us why we should choose their products or services over another company. With such a saturated market, companies are in constant competition with one another, showing why they’re the best business to buy from.

Selling doesn’t stop after a transaction is completed. It’s a process that never ends. Even when your customer is having a problem, you’re showing off what your company values. This experience is why your customer will return to you when they want to buy again. Take the time to go the extra mile and show your client that you’re ecstatic they’re spending their money with you.

Understanding how your customer perceives your company is critical to making sure they become loyal fans in the long run. When a customer feels like you listen to them and take their concerns seriously, they’re more likely to buy from your business again and spread the word to their friends and family.

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Author: DirectiveGroup

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