How Businesses Can Use Bots As Part Of Their Facebook Marketing Strategy

The next technology revolution has already arrived in the form of Artificial Intelligence. For marketers and businesses, it offers more flexibility, deeper insights on consumers based on faster data retrieval, the ability to automate tasks and also vast improvement in customer service with fewer human interventions. In fact by 2020, 80% of brands will be using chatbots for customer service and interactions.

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Quick & Easy Ways to Snag Your Competitions’ Customers

You may consider stealing your competition’s customers to be a little cheeky. But, did you know General George Patton Jr.’s favorite saying is said to be, “Audacity, audacity, always audacity.” You’ve got to be audacious to get your share of the pie.

Your job is to capture their customers’ attention and then prove you’re better…and better for them.

But first, you need to understand a little bit about customer motivation.

Did you know that over half of what we do every day is nothing more than a habit – an impulsive behavior done with hardly any thought at all? A product or service that is habitually used is called a hook. A hook has four parts: a trigger, an action, a reward and an investment. If your product can satisfy a potential customer’s need and transport them through a hook’s parts faster, you may be able to get them to use your product instead of the product they are used to.

That’s why Wal-Mart has experienced such success. It allows customers to purchase just about anything – including eye glasses and insurance – all under one roof. Wal-Mart shoppers are able to save a lot of time and get their errands finished in no time at all.

People also crave an experience that is more rewarding or satisfying. If your product can elicit an unexpected feeling, you may have yet another chance to capture a customer.

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Eight Components to Building a Better Social Media Profile

No matter your opinion regarding social media, it appears to be here to stay and it definitely is an essential piece of your company’s branding efforts. Why is this?

If done correctly, social media can be the preeminent means to grow your professional relationships. Through these relationships, you can foster contacts and disseminate your company’s message. These long-term relationships translate into repeat customers, clients or partners.

But, it is very important to enter into these business relationships on a human level, with the proper approach – one with an attitude of giving, not getting. This will help you build the trust and credibility necessary in any relationship.

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How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI

From time to time, DirectiveGroup team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Vicki comments on an article in Marketing Profs How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI by Peter Symonds.

Last month I posted a blog article Where Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars…Tradeshows or Online Marketing? I spoke about having the best of both the real and virtual world as nothing replaces the human interaction that occurs during a tradeshow. A planned integration of digital support for your tradeshow will assure a strong ROI. The first step to understanding your ROI is to set up goals to be measured.


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Marketing In A Down Economy

The economy is stale, the unemployment rate is improving at a crawl and consumers have reduced discretionary spending.  A lot of small businesses are hurting and scrambling for new customers as there seems to be fewer and fewer each day.  Some of these businesses have  reduce their marketing budgets to comply with the times, but reducing marketing only guarantees that less customers will be aware of your product or service.

An even bigger problem and less commonly thought about problem is the type of marketing that small businesses are investing in.  In an effort to model the success of larger companies, small businesses are spending large amounts of their marketing dollars trying to brand their company.  The problem is building a brand is very expensive and the benefits of branding are usually delayed. When branding you are positioning yourself in the marketplace and the minds of the marketplace so when … Continue reading

Google+ – Is It a Plus For You?

Earlier this year Google stepped boldly into the social world with the individual release of Google+. On Monday Google opened the new network for business profiles (called Google+ pages).

While there has been a lot of buzz around the marketing world about Google+, we have yet to see it perform so well we consider it a “must have” in your Internet Marketing arsenal. However, there are some things every business should pay attention to and ask as you consider Google+.

What’s the Purpose of Social For Your Company?

There are many purposes for social. The primary ones are:

  • Generate buzz about your brand/products
  • Convert sales – example is Facebook eCommerce
  • Customer support/retention
  • Product ideation
  • A tactic in SEO

For more on these, check out the Social Networking Coffee Hour from Friday, November 4th.

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