3 Reasons Why Google Adwords Is Still Good For Business

Google Adwords has revolutionized the advertising industry, but it seems as if some think Adwords is no longer useful to small business.  Since Adwords launched in October of 2000 with 350 customers, there has been many changes and most noticeable is the increasing cost per click for keywords.

Some of the early Adwords adopters can recall $.5 and $.10 clicks and for most markets these prices are long gone and likely never to return.  But Google’s pay per click platform still has many advantages over traditional advertising media like radio and television.  Business owners, marketers and even Adwords enthusiast should be testing other traffic sources, as it’s never a smart business move to depend on one lead source. However, Google Adwords is still one of the best ways to drive fast targeted traffic and should be considered as one of the first advertising methods you utilize to grow your business online.

Here are three simple reasons why Adwords is still good for business.

  1. Starting Small – Google Adwords gives you total control on how you invest your marketing dollars. An advertiser can start with any budget and can turn off the advertising at any time.  This is a huge advantage to small businesses that may not have regular cash flow or big budgets to invest in commercials and or radio spots.  Adwords allows you to start small and to scale up. When you find some keywords that have a positive ROI the potential to grow your business is almost limitless.
  2. Instant Traffic- Once you hit the enable button on your campaign, the traffic is almost instantaneous.  Adwords is like a grand opening event and there’s always a huge line waiting outside, all you have to do is open the door. Getting traffic on demand allows you to test your marketing more quickly.  Split test different ads, keywords, and landing pages in a matter of days.  If you find that a particular message is resonating with your market, change all of the ads that day.  If you see something is not working, change it or stop it immediately. Changing things on the fly is not even possible with most traditional advertising. Imagine trying to change a headline on a direct mail piece after you‘ve mailed it.  Not only would you have to wait for the reception of your mail but it would likely cost to make changes and print up new mailers.
  3. Targeted Traffic- One of the biggest benefits of using Google Adwords is targeted traffic. When you advertise on television or radio thousands or even millions of people will be seeing your ads that have no interest in your product or service.  As an advertiser you pay for those unwanted views or impressions. Larger businesses with huge marketing budgets may not mind the waste, but smaller to medium size business can’t afford to throw away money on people who will never use your service or buy your products.  Adwords allows you to target potential customers exactly at the moment they are looking for you. What better way to advertise?

Adwords has evolved over the years, but it’s still one of the best options for online advertising.  However if you have no experience with Adwords, you should consider investing some time educating yourself on how to effectively use the platform or use a pay per click management firm to help you get started.  If you have any questions regarding Adwords give us a call at 866-925-9524 or send us an email.

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