There Are A Million Manufacturers…Why You?

Manufacturers Need To Stand Out

Differentiating Your Manufacturing Approach

Face it, there are many options out there for distributors, retailers and consumers to choose from. Why then would they choose your product?

Supply quality, while it does make a difference, is really a losing argument. Any manufacturer could get the best quality wood, steel, fabrics and so on. Even design and quality of construction isn’t the end-all for success in differentiating. Why? Some people do gravitate toward specific designs and quality standards, but there are a few higher level needs that will trump these preferences.

Can You Make It Custom?

Remember Dell? They started in the dorm room of Michael Dell, with the simple idea of giving consumers the ability to customize the computer they ordered to meet their specific needs. Now Dell Computers I one of the leading computer manufacturers in the world.

They key was their ability to offer specific options to consumers, … Continue reading