Front and Center with Instagram Stories

Whether you have a marketing team or you’re a sole entrepreneur, by now you’ve heard the buzz around Instagram stories, the new rival to Snapchat. There are many blog articles out there that explain the pros and cons and the differences between the two. Yet, we are here to tell you why your business should be at the front and center of this newly released feature by Instagram. Every industry is capable of performing well on a visually focused platform such as Instagram, many businesses make their presence on such a platform valuable to their consumers, which in turn becomes … Continue reading “Front and Center with Instagram Stories”

The Great Performance Shuffle – Introduction

Explore what should be measured to gauge success in your website, SEM or SEO campaign in this 4-part series on performance indicators.

Social Media Isn’t Just Social

When companies think about Social Media Marketing the things that normally come to mind are viral marketing and how many people have liked, followed, subscribed, or otherwise engaged the company. While these are all measurements companies will want to keep an eye on, if these are all a company looks at, there is a major benefit of Social Media being missed: Search Engine Optimization. The Often Forgotten Piece of SEO While anyone who has done some basic reading and learning on Search Engine Optimization understands the on-page factors of the art, many forget or don’t understand the off-page piece. When … Continue reading “Social Media Isn’t Just Social”

How Retail Businesses Can Effectively Market On Facebook

Today, Facebook is one of the very best ways for retail businesses to connect with consumers. However, as with all marketing techniques, there are best practices that will increase the effectiveness. A recent study conducted provides data that can help you develop these best practices and greatly increase your engagement rate. And, a higher engagement rate means higher revenue. How To Judge Success In the social networking arena, the yardstick for measuring success is the rate of feedback you receive from consumers, or “engagement rate.” For this study, the engagement rate was determined by combining the number of “Likes” and … Continue reading “How Retail Businesses Can Effectively Market On Facebook”

The REAL Secret For Online Marketing Success

Most likely you’ve read a lot of blog posts and articles with titles similar to this one. Chances are they were not-very-well veiled attempts at selling an e-book, a white paper, or trying to get you to join a “mastermind” group. You won’t find any of those things here. We’ll tell you the truth about online marketing success…and it won’t cost you a dime! But first you need to hear the hard truth. Here’s what the online marketing “gurus” won’t tell you… There’s no magic ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ program for PPC. There’s no social network that will get people in your door. … Continue reading “The REAL Secret For Online Marketing Success”