3 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Fail

From time to time, team members will share their views stimulated from a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, our Director of Content and Social Media Marketing, Michelle Keyser, discusses a Brand Strategy Insider article by Geoffrey Colon,   “3 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Fail”   When I first came across this article by Geoffrey Colon I thought, wow, this guy is a major downer.  But when you read what he has to say you’ll see that the image I chose to represent this article is actually exactly what Geoffrey discusses.  Through failure we learn and get stronger.  This article … Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Your Brand Will Fail”

Why and How to Identify your Target Market

Whether you are only now starting your business, or if you’ve been around a little while, chances are you are following one of two courses of action when it comes to selling your product or your service. You may be one who thinks simply because you have an offering your customers will come. After all, you reason, “I’ve got a good thing here. No doubt customers will break down my door and step over one another just to get to it.” So, you’re putting little-to-no energy or resources into your marketing efforts. If you haven’t yet noticed, the response is … Continue reading “Why and How to Identify your Target Market”

What Is Brand?

Who are you? Do people really know what you do? See the world through your customers’ eyes. What sets you apart from your competitors? There are an infinite number of choices. Do enough customers really know what products and services you bring to market in order to achieve your growth targets? Has your company, products, services, target audience and/or competitors evolved and changed over your decades in business? How do potential new customers know you’ve changed? How do they know you are different now? How do they know you are better? Take a look at all your marketplace touch points….signage, … Continue reading “What Is Brand?”