How to Target Audience with B2B Facebook Ads?

While search is always considered as a great way for reaching as many visitors as possible, Facebook is also an effective way for attracting the audience who are interested in buying the products and/or services you’re offerings, however, they may not be aware that you exist there. Facebook ads are generally used for B2C purposes, but you can run B2B ad campaigns to achieve the growth of your business, as those ad campaigns have also started performing well on this social networking website. Running an ad campaign on Facebook is an excellent way for bringing your brand in front of your target audience, helping you to expand your business visibility … Continue reading “How to Target Audience with B2B Facebook Ads?”

5 B2B Webinar Secrets

Webinars have been around for years, and is still a great tool for lead generation and sales for business-to-business companies. A properly campaigned and structured webinar will put the right prospects in front of you, and give you the time to demo a product, or give prospective buyers the information they need to make a decision. With that said, putting up a sign-up form for your webinar and telling people about your products is not enough. Many businesses to business webinars don’t work or are just boring and uninteresting. Sorry. In order for a webinar to work there has to … Continue reading “5 B2B Webinar Secrets”

How to Disrupt Customer Thinking For Greater Consideration and Higher Conversions

What would you say if you knew that your potential customers were nearly 60% of the way through the purchase process before they ever engage with sales?  A study from CEB Marketing Leadership Council indicates just that.  Customers start their due diligence by looking at third party websites, referring to colleagues or other customers, and by using other sources other than the vendor’s website.  This begs the question: how do you disrupt customers who are already 60% of the way to their purchase decision in order to become an option in their consideration set? There are really two ways to … Continue reading “How to Disrupt Customer Thinking For Greater Consideration and Higher Conversions”

Manufacturers: Get Social With Millennials

By now you must be asking yourself, how can I integrate these online platforms into our marketing, in order to reach my growing target audience, Millennials? Wonder no more. We’ll walk you through how to get social so you can focus more on the increase of your business. As you’ve previously learned, in, what you need to know, it is extremely important to reach out and communicate with this Millennials demographic while they are still in their youth,  to help cement a connection that is certain to mature as they age. By establishing a brand advocacy now, you’ll help keep … Continue reading “Manufacturers: Get Social With Millennials”

The Millennial Generation: What You Need To Know

By now, you’ve been introduced to your biggest customer, Millennials and connected the dots on How To Win Millennials Over. Today, we’ll focus on peeling another layer in the Millennials’ mind, to include their way of life. As a B2B company, not only must you understand who Millennials are as well as learn what their purchase behavior is all about, but what will make or break your campaign and ad messaging is the connection you make with this generation directly; by speaking their language and behavior with your product/service. What Matters Most Millennials value their time, just like any generation … Continue reading “The Millennial Generation: What You Need To Know”

Manufacturers: Meet Your Biggest Customer, Millennials.

If you’re a company looking to increase revenue in the next decade, it is a must that you pay great attention to Millennials. Wonder why? In 10 years, this generation will make up 75% of the workforce. In fact, 46% of potential B2B buyers are Millennials. If you don’t think you need to know them now, think again. An industry sector that doesn’t get enough digital marketing play are manufacturers. In this digital age, no industry can afford to stay behind on how to maximize their revenue and increase profits through digital marketing. Your customers are in the online space, … Continue reading “Manufacturers: Meet Your Biggest Customer, Millennials.”

Build Your Website Like You’d Build Your Business

The internet wasn’t created just to pass around cute cat pictures and silly songs: The Internet was created to ease communication between government, the military and major industrial suppliers. Today’s internet is still an effective way make connections up and down your supply chain because today’s internet works for business as well as people. The days of just building a website and waiting for the orders to roll in are long gone (if they ever existed at all). Your company’s website is your front door to the online world and it should reflect the same level of professionalism and service to … Continue reading “Build Your Website Like You’d Build Your Business”