When you ask people if they like what they do for work, most people (70% by some polls) – dislike their jobs. And a large portion actively hate their job! Common complaints include not feeling appreciated, or not having enough time to complete the work they are given. Many people cite that they wish they had more flexibility in where or when they work. As American workplaces are evolving, an emphasis on enjoyment of work is starting to take shape. More companies are realizing that in order to have the “best place to work” they have to provide more than just an … Continue reading “Work”

Grande Double-Whip Work

This question was posed the other day and I wanted to try to answer it. You see, I work from home almost every day, but there have been times when my office really was a table at the local Starbucks – a quiet place I would go daily while my sitter sat with my young son in my home.

Exceptional Teams and the Argument for Diversity

Organizations are increasingly dependent on diverse teams for developing innovative products, making important decisions, and improving efficiency. As companies enjoy a more equitable, global and virtual footprint, diversity factors are playing a larger part in almost every organization. To those forward-thinking leaders, this is a welcome change, and the success of a collaborative team in creating and managing today’s increasingly complex products and services depends not only on the combined skill sets of the team members but also on their personalities and ways of approaching and solving problems. When creating a group or team in the workplace, smart managers realize … Continue reading “Exceptional Teams and the Argument for Diversity”

How to Create a Successful Virtual Team

A virtual work environment can be of great value to both workers and companies. Awareness of possible pitfalls and playing to the strengths of this organizational model are how to come out a winner. To be successful, you will need stronger processes, better communication, a greater focus on creating space informal socializing, and populating the team with members that have great character and extraordinarily strong self-organization and personal self-management.