Jumpstart Your Business Today: Six Universal Tactics of Influence and Persuasion

Follow these Principles of Persuasion, from Caldini’s well-known book, Influence, and improve your digital marketing effectiveness across all online channels, from your website to your social media presence.

Get Better Marketing ROI: The Neuroscience Behind Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is really based on sound scientific principles, to which we have been subject to for years, and will continue to be subject to as the digital era unfolds. Learning the science behind what works will help you build a more flexible approach to your online marketing AND better serve your customers.

Three Reasons You Need A Marketing Technologist. Now.

Working in the digital world, it has always been a no-brainer that my clients’ greatest effectiveness will be when marketing strategies deliver solutions that are rocket-fueled by technology. I see, day in and day out, year over year, the differences between companies that have taken the technology-supported approach, as compared to those who haven’t made those same choices. Technology, implemented to support well-thought out strategies, has always won, hands down.

Will You Be Ready For the Fall Selling Season?

The lazy days of summer are fast coming to an end.  Vacations are just about over, the kids will be returning to school…in short, it is almost time for the autumn selling season.  The question is: will your business be poised to capture a burst of year end revenue growth? If not, August is time for you to roll into action.  If you have been considering a website revitalization, now is the time to act.  Did you know that the average person gives you only about eight seconds to capture their interest once they’ve landed on your website?  And, over … Continue reading “Will You Be Ready For the Fall Selling Season?”