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Mahesh Tadepalli brings the analytical edge to the marketing campaigns we manage. A holder of Master’s Degree in Mathematics, he plays a major role in harnessing the marketing data for effective decision-making. His experience in working with tech startups and understanding of marketing have proven to be instrumental in defining marketing technology solutions for companies across various industries.

Using Google Analytics to Find Topics For Your Next Blog Post

The success of a coherent content strategy often depends on the performance of your blog posts. You want to provide your visitors with high quality content that they read, like and share with their peers. You want your blog readers to come back to your website in search of relevant content to gain more knowledge about their area of interest. The success of creating such highly compelling blog posts is not by any random hit and miss method but through data science. In this blog post, we discuss some of the ways in which you can use Google Analytics to generate ideas about your next blog post.

Analyzing the Content of Interest on the Website

Analyze the pages on your website which have garnered highest number of views and the pages which have high user engagement. You can see this report under Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Continue reading “Using Google Analytics to Find Topics For Your Next Blog Post”

Impact of Ad Blockers on Marketing Campaigns

Ad Blockers are simple software programs that prevent ads from being visible on websites. Ad blockers are basically browser add-ons, and are available for the all the web browsers including Firefox and Chrome. A major chunk of websites on the internet exists mainly due to online advertising. In order to survive in this marketing world, millions of websites depend on online advertising revenues. Apple made headlines recently when it announced that iOS 9, technology. While Android remains the biggest player in the mobile device market, notably more people will be adopting ad blockers now as they’re available on iOS for the very first time, which could undoubtedly have a huge impact on Internet advertising revenues and digital marketing campaigns.

It is a purely a big misconception that ad blockers block all the ads. In reality, only some of the ad blockers block all ads, with many only blocking ads … Continue reading

Understanding the User Explorer Reports in Google Analytics

Understanding the User Explorer Reports in Google Analytics

Google has been announcing some exciting new additions to the google analytics platform this year. The latest addition to the analytics platform is the much awaited feature: User Explorer. This feature allows the users to anonymously analyze the actions of visitors on the website. This new addition allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the kind of actions which would lead to a conversion and make necessary changes on the website to improve conversions rates. This report can be accessed in the Audience section of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics has introduced a new dimension called ‘Client ID’ which is assigned to each user. This is set by the ga cookie and recorded in google analytics. It is combination of a unique random number and the timestamp of first visit of the user. The user explorer report shows the … Continue reading

Google Analytics Dashboards – A Great Way to Visualize Your Results

Dashboards in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Dashboards are basically the collections of widgets where you can collect all kind of similar data. You can have up to 20 dashboards in each for each view / property with 12 widgets in your Google Analytics account. Each view / property comprises a default dashboard to get you started. Since Google Analytics doesn’t have a logical structure in it, having the potential to put similar things together at the same place is indeed a great profit. This means you’ll only have to search at very few places to get the general overview of how your site’s doing.

The best way of getting your own Google Analytics dashboards is to make them yourself. To create your own dashboard, search under the Dashboards menu and click the +New Dashboard option. You will get various options, like to use a blank canvas or a starter dashboard … Continue reading

Big Data – The Mysterious Buzz Word

In the recent times, no other technical word has invoked a mixed response as Big Data. The clear push by major brands and large companies to leverage the benefits of Big Data is evident from the fact that the highest paid jobs in the IT Industry are around Big Data. The social listening and all the articles around the internet adds complexity to the already complex scenario rather than simplifying it.

The definition of Big Data in itself has been so complex that, Jonathan Stuart Ward and Adam Barker at the University of Scotland conducted a survey to analyze what really Big Data stands for and means for various companies. Though this survey was conducted back in 2013, the same confusion around the definition of Big Data still exists today.

This confusion around the Big Data which is often synonymous with enormous sets of unstructured data, data warehousing, machine learning, … Continue reading

Google Analytics for Manufacturers: Significance of Website URL Structure

A good URL structure can help your SEO a long way. We often overlook the impact of well-defined URL structure has on tracking your web analytics. A user friendly URL structure not only provides an excellent navigation experience for visitors, but also helps you in tracking them easily using you google analytics platform. Following are some of the areas in google analytics, where, having a good website URL structure helps in drawing more insights.

Accuracy in Tracking Data

Tracking the performance of landing pages and efficiency of the funnel is an important aspect of analyzing web analytics data. A well-defined URL structure can help you in identifying these web pages easily within the google analytics platform. You can easily visualize the behavior of your users on the website, especially when you have huge content on your website. You can also easily analyze the performance of individual sub sections and identify … Continue reading

6 Common Mistakes Manufacturers Need to Avoid During Google Analytics Implementation


Getting the implementation of Google Analytics right is step one in determining the ROI of your marketing and PR efforts. Google Analytics is a significant tool for businesses to track their website data. It’s considerably easy to implement, simple to use and above all it’s free! Whilst the implementation of Google Analytics should be an easy process, there are still lots of instances where mistakes can occur. So let’s have a look at some of them now:

Keeping tracking code in the wrong place on the page

It’s been now over four years since Google Analytics updated the synchronous tracking code to asynchronous. But still some companies are there that haven’t made the switch yet. The synchronous code was placed at the bottom of a page as the code would prevent other web page content from loading. On the other hand, Google’s asynchronous code allows the tracking code to work … Continue reading

Meet the Millennials: The Customers Who are Making a Difference to your Business

The ability to adapt to change determines your success. This is so often true with your marketing campaigns. Marketing strategies evolve over a period of time, with the aim of staying relevant to the customer base always being the goal. Companies should make themselves future-ready in order to handle the coming customer base shift.

Millennials, often referred to as Generation Y, is the generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. Currently, millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of our total population. With this first round of millennials being in their young thirties and at a relatively early stage in their careers, they are bound to play an important role in the economy.

Apart from the numbers, the most important characteristic is that this generation has had access to the Internet since their childhood. Technology has always been an inherent part of their lives. Innovation … Continue reading

All you need to know about Google Mobile Algorithm Update

Google frequently updates its search algorithm to boost the user experience and help leading businesses make it to the top. On April 21st 2015, Google’s new search algorithm update scooped out in front of the entire world. There are two vital changes at play in Google’s recent move to favor mobile. Firstly, Google will now adjust its search results in order to favor mobile-friendly sites. And second, the apps will be totally discoverable in mobile search results with added deep links. With about 60% of online traffic coming only from mobile all over the world, it is no surprise that Google made such a move to cement mobile as King. The supreme goal is to create the best experience possible for the users. Here are some of the most important things you need to know to about the recent changes.

Mobile Only

The new algorithm is only applicable to searches … Continue reading

Persona Based Marketing: How to Create Winning Marketing Strategies

Profiling your customers and understanding their behavior is a critical part of your marketing success. It helps us in better understand whom we are talking to and how to structure our conversations to have their attention. One of the most successful ways of creating such targeted marketing campaigns with high success rate is: creating personas. Persona – Based marketing concentrates on creating cohorts among your user database. These cohorts are defined based on a set of common characteristics that particular group of users display.

The highly competitive business landscape and the customers are who are increasingly aware with the information available to them are the two major challenges faced by the marketers today. Businesses should make increasing efforts to differentiate themselves from the competition by being relevant with the customers.

Persona Based Marketing is a step towards attaining this relevancy with the customers. By creating Personas, you can:

  • Understand the
Continue reading