About Lisa Maier

Lisa Maier is the CEO of DirectiveGroup, and brings great passion and over a decade of experience in the online marketing space. Her background includes a undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology, a Wharton MBA degree in Information Strategies & Economics, top tier technology strategy consulting and several years helping small technology companies traverse the chasm from good products to nationally scaled businesses, particularly making use of online marketing and media programs.

Why Should You Care About Your Bounce Rate?

I was speaking to a prospective client this past week and he said, “we definitely need to increase our conversions and our bounce rate is over 90%!” First reaction, YIKES! that is a really high bounce rate; no wonder they are not getting any conversions. As I started to explore and ask some questions of my expert team members, I learned a few things. Just so we are all on the same page, Google Analytics defines Bounce Rate as the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with … Continue reading “Why Should You Care About Your Bounce Rate?”

Negative Culture Saps Productivity

There are countless tips and technology focused on improving work productivity. However, even though they may be helpful, they cannot solve productivity issues due to negative company cultures. The first step in increasing productivity must be creating a positive work culture. If it’s not, your only putting a band-aide on the problem. Here you will learn how to improve productivity at the root of the problem.

How to Use Content to Reach Your B2B Goals

Everywhere you look experts are talking about content marketing and why it’s so important to your business. There are convincing studies that show businesses want to track their content marketing effectiveness but struggle with creating engaging content. We also know that businesses are planning to increase their marketing spend on content strategies. What we don’t see in all these analyses is the ‘how.’ Questions abound, such as: How do you use content that achieve your marketing goals? How do businesses use content to build brand awareness? How can content help you drive leads? If you’re asking yourself these questions, keep … Continue reading “How to Use Content to Reach Your B2B Goals”

How To Become A Subject Matter Expert

When trying to build your brand awareness and create strong content that will brand your company and drive leads, businesses must identify subject matter experts who can become leaders in your industry. A subject matter expert is someone who is an authority in a particular area. Your subject matter expert (SME) is not a brand cheerleader. Their goal is not to self-promote but rather provide industry insight and solutions to general industry problems. In doing so you will create the impression that your business has experts in the field who can provide solutions to the needs of your clients.… Continue … Continue reading “How To Become A Subject Matter Expert”

The Importance Of Handling Customer Reviews

From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Vicki comments on an interview posted on the Marketing Sherpa Blog by Kayla Cobb, The Importance Of Handling Customer Reviews. LocalDirective is a big supporter of and encourages our clients to gather as many reviews, stories and testimonials as possible from their customers and clients.  This interview conducted by Daniel Burstein, Marketing Sherpa’s Director of Editorial Content with Joseph Jaconi, General Manager of Tech Armor really resonated with me on the importance of listening to your customers and thoughtfully responding … Continue reading “The Importance Of Handling Customer Reviews”

AdWords: Back to the Basics

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why your AdWords campaigns are not working for you. Or, if you are new to AdWords and just trying to figure out where to begin, this article is a must read for you.

How Does Your Website Make People Feel?

One of my colleagues here at LocalDirective when asked to review a potential client’s website had this response,  “At first glance I feel like the font is yelling at me.  No bold.  Bold makes me feel even more like I am being scolded.”  I‘d venture to say, she did not feel there was a good user experience!  How many visitors do you think bounced off that website almost immediately? There are two important website design elements when you think about your website:  The User Experience (UX) and The User Interface (UI) or Interaction. Is your website clear and easy to … Continue reading “How Does Your Website Make People Feel?”

How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI

From time to time, LocalDirective team members will share their views on a piece by an industry thought leader. Here, Vicki comments on an article in Marketing Profs How to Track Your Tradeshow ROI by Peter Symonds. Last month I posted a blog article Where Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars…Tradeshows or Online Marketing?   I spoke about having the best of both the real and virtual world as nothing replaces the human interaction that occurs during a tradeshow.  A planned integration of digital support for your tradeshow will assure a strong ROI.  The first step to understanding your ROI is … Continue reading “How To Track Your Tradeshow ROI”