January 29, 2016

Needed to cover a large radius because of consumer mobility, but only attract patients within driving distance of four office locations.

Would need to obtain three new patients for the program to pay for itself, but preferred 5-7 new patients during test period. Goal is to test this new media against previously used media of direct mail and yellow pages.


Most leaders realize that they can't meet their ambitious growth goals by themselves.

For that, they need other people. But leaders worth their salt also know that not just any people will do.

Companies need to hire the right people and treat them in a way that motivates them to do the right things to hit your company's targets.

Poor farmer went to the farmers market to sell his corn. He had only one sack so he put barley into one half of the sack tied it in the middle and filled the other half with wheat.


He found a buyer at the market who unfortunately wanted only barley which was at the bottom. The buyer had also only one sack and he didn’t want to switch sacks as his one was bigger.

Understanding Your Top Marketing Challenges For 2016

Each year, you hear marketers talk about how technology has changed the way companies reach and convert their target market. And, every year I agree.

However, in my 25+ years of marketing, I’ve never seen so many changes in the marketing world as I have witnessed last year. If I had only 1 word to describe digital marketing in 2015, it would have to be roller-coaster.

Interestingly, even with the constant change in the digital landscape, especially around mobile, display and the rise of the social web, there are still a few marketing concepts that have withstood the test of time: perpetual and memorable branding, creative and enticing content, and the need to understand your target market and convert them to customers.

Headlines and Other Tactics for Getting Your Content Noticed

The article published on Ragan.com on January 25, A Headline Tactic For Optimal Reach on Social Media and Google Search, does a great job to talking about why headlines are important and how to write a good one.  It’s true that a good SEO headline may not be great for social media and a social media headline is usually not search friendly.  While a great headline is super important for content marketing success, there is more to getting your content noticed than just headlines.  Not to minimize their importance, but headlines are just the beginning (literally and figuratively) of a great piece of content.

Basics of Inbound Marketing - 4 Fundamental Tips

With the rise of digital media, inbound marketing techniques allow interested customers to actively find your company through search, social media and referrals.


A Buyers’ Market

There is still a space and a need for outbound marketing but the personal touch of inbound marketing and building relationships is where most businesses can benefit most. After all it is no longer a seller’s market but rather a buyer’s market now.

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