February 29, 2016

This product is a UV-resistant, effective, gutter protection product that is designed to address many common problems found in Florida. The product sold and installed by a parent landscaping company.


The landscaping provides installation services as well as additional landscaping services.


In your never-ending quest to get more done in less time, you should consider a leap year a generous gift.

How many times have you dreamed there were more hours in the day, so you could do all you wanted--and still get your sleep? This is the year to view February 29 as that precious dosage of bonus time. It's not just extra hours. It's an extra day.


A river. Three cannibals and three missionaries are standing on one bank. There is a boat with maximum capacity of two people. How do they get to the other side so that missionaries are never outnumbered by cannibals on any bank?


This riddle is slightly different from the puzzle with wolf goat and cabbage. It is a bit more complicated.

4 Questions Every B2B Organizations Should Ask When Thinking Through The..

Content marketing is an important strategy for B2B organizations and according to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of respondents said they use content marketing. However, about 70% of those respondents admitted content marketing was ineffective.


How do we make a strategy that is critical to a brands success online more effective?


Well of course there are many things that can be done based on your organization’s goals and resources. But when you are putting together a content strategy, there a four questions you should ask before you write a single piece of content?

Harness The Power of Intent Data To Supercharge Conversions

What Is Intent Data and Should It Matter?


When your prospects take a series of online actions, their digital footprints can be knitted together to tell us a story about their purpose – or intent. These footprints can come from many sources, such as search queries, website visits, downloads or even engagement with various social platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube or blogs.

Not only can we discover their current objective but we can also surmise their future intent.

Social Media's Influence on the Buying Process

As a smart business executive, you have surely asked yourself whether social media posts really have enough impact to warrant an investment in that marketing channel.  Should you stop spinning your wheels in trying to impress your prospective customers via social media and come to terms with the fact that Facebook, LinkedIn and the like are essential for engaging with current customers and for impacting retention, but perhaps just not for driving new business?  


These are great questions and ones that every business decision-maker should ask.  However, how you answer them could mean the difference between growing your business and simply sustaining it.  Why, you ask? Read on…

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