April 29, 2016

The client wanted a website that could be updated by their staff of non-programmers. They needed backend access that would allow them to update their extensive database easily.


Warren Buffett, the CEO of the fourth largest company in the country, isn't as busy as you are. By his own estimate, he has spent 80% of his career reading and thinking.


Mom is 21 years older than her son.


In 6 years she will be 5 times older than her son.


Where is the father right now?

Why and How to Identify your Target Market 

Whether you are only now starting your business, or if you’ve been around a little while, chances are you are following one of two courses of action when it comes to selling your product or your service.

You may be one who thinks simply because you have an offering your customers will come. After all, you reason, “I’ve got a good thing here. No doubt customers will break down my door and step over one another just to get to it.” So, you’re putting little-to-no energy or resources into your marketing efforts.

How to Create a Successful Virtual Team

As opposed to the traditional brick and mortar business that relies on face-to-face connections with physical documents and physical currency or credit, a virtual business conducts business electronically. Many virtual professional services – such as administration, design and marketing – are becoming much more common and popular.


Let’s talk about what a successful virtual company looks like – specifically, the people, or team, that is the core of your virtual business.


Michael Watkins, contributor for the Harvard Business Review defines a virtual team as a group that:


11 Ways To Get More Eyeballs For Your Pins

Businesses can successfully promote their products or services by taking into careful consideration the Pinterest culture of popular pins and searchable pins. Before you begin pinning, it is wise to find out what the followers are actively seeking by gleaning over the well liked Pinterest categories to discover boards that can be a perfect match for your business. A key strategy in Pinterest marketing is to build meaningful relationships with followers and influencers to grow the reach of your pins. You should be aware of what users are looking for when following other boards to contribute usefully. Interestingly a study by The University of Minnesota, it was found that there are three factors for Pinterest users in their decision making process on whether to follow or not.

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