What Is Brand?
By: Vicki Donnowitz
Who are you? Do people really know what you do? See the world through your customers' eyes. What sets you apart from your competitors? There are an infinite number of choices. Do enough customers really know what products and services you bring to market in order to achieve your growth targets?

Has your company, products, services, target audience and/or competitors evolved and changed over your decades in business? How do potential new customers know you've changed? How do they know you are different now? How do they know you are better?

Take a look at all your marketplace touch points....signage, website, logo, catalog, trade show booth, employees, business cards, advertising, direct mail, premiums, office space, vehicles, and the list goes on. Do all of those touch points reflect the real you? Read More.
Do You Have A Professional Company?
How About Professional Email?
By: MoJo Decker

Does email rule your life to the point of dreaming about it?

Most business people understand the importance of having a "professional email", one that is on a company URL over one that is on a free email platform (like Hotmail, Google, AOL, etc).

What many "non-techies" are unaware of is the difference in where and how to host their email. This can actually make as much of a difference for your business as having a company domain on your email. Here are a few options you are faced with:
  1. Free hosting with your website host.
  2. Hosting with Google Apps.
  3. Add-on email hosting with your website host.
  4. Third Party email hosting (e.g., Microsoft 365)
If email is critical for your company, one of the best decisions and investments you can make is to host your email through a different provider than your website hosting. Let's explore why. Read More.
The Four P's Of A Marketing Plan
By: Mary Hamilton

As a business owner, hopefully you have developed a business plan that defines the goals and strategies you want your business to achieve. But, have you developed a marketing strategy for your business? It doesn't matter if you are starting a new business or running an existing business, it is critical for success to understand the importance of a strategic marketing plan. In today's business world, taking the time to develop a thoughtful plan will clarify the key marketing elements and provides direction, objectives and activities for the business and its employees. Ensuring that your business is guided by a strategic plan can be the difference between successful growth and no growth. Read More.
How To Find Your Pot Of Gold
5 Online Marketing Tips
By: Kim Figor

A few weeks ago, my 6 year old daughter came home from school more excited than usual. With wide-eyes and a high pitch tone, she said to me, "Mommy, mommy, I have a great idea!" I stopped what I was doing and gave her my full attention.

She then continued, "If we find a pot of gold, you won't have to work so hard anymore." So with sincerity in my voice, I replied, "Where should we look for a pot of gold?" Of course, my sweet, innocent daughter gave me the only obvious answer, "At the end of a rainbow."

It amazes me that my daughter wants for me, the same thing I want for all of my clients – to help them find their pot of gold. After all, isn't online advertising all about helping clients increase their revenue? The real question is where do I find that magical rainbow? Read More.
Out of the Blogging Boneyard
Reviving Your Business's Blog, Pt. 1
By: Arlin Crisco

Do you have a business website? If so, chances are good that you also have a blog page, after hearing how important they are for SEO and building customer rapport. And, if you elected to go it alone instead of hiring marketing experts to write for you, the chances are equally good that your blog is now gathering virtual dust in a corner of your site, with two or three odd articles posted ages ago, or worse, abandoned with its "Hello World!" placeholder still intact.

If your blog is like that, you're not alone. The Internet is a veritable boneyard of neglected and abandoned business blogs. While blogging remains one of the strongest online-marketing methods available, many businesses simply do not maintain a consistent blog presence. However, by neglecting one of the most effective online marketing tools at their disposal, these businesses are leaving money on the keyboards of potential customers.

Although there are many reasons businesses neglect or abandon their blogs, one of the most common causes is simply the lack of time to write consistently. In the first part of this series, we’ll talk about ways to help deal with the time crunch in blogging. Read More.
Incredible Results
See how a multi-site orthopedic practice was able to see amazing results with a LocalDirective Integrated Marketing Program.

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