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From the LocalDirective family to yours, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving. May your life be filled with abundance of all good things. And at this special time of year, we’d like to thank you for allowing us to be your online marketing agency. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you, our clients, as you’ve partnered with LocalDirective when it was time to take your online performance to a higher level.
Out of the Blogging Boneyard
Reviving Your Business's Blog, Pt. 2
By: Arlin Crisco
Even with all the changes in social media and search engine algorithms, a business website's blog remains one of its best marketing tools. Blogs can inform and educate potential customers about your company and help you build a strong rapport with your audience, not to mention the boon they can be in SEO.

The problem is that blogging takes both time and effort. If you’re a business owner that’s decided to blog for yourself, you’ve likely discovered how overwhelming creating content can be, and you may have even abandoned your blog to waste away with other, similarly-forgotten blogs in a virtual boneyard of neglected pages.

But there’s hope for you to climb out of the blogging boneyard and deal with some of the problems that make effective, consistent blogging so difficult. Read More.
Oh Facebook, How I Hate To Love Thee
By: MoJo Decker

If you’re like me, you have a near love/hate relationship with Facebook. You love the audience size available on Facebook as the world’s dominating social network. You hate the incessant privacy and design changes that roll out every 6-12 months. You love seeing your audience engage your brand and products, but hate EdgeRank algorithm updates that seem to make no sense. Hold on to your seats, marketers, there’s another update rolling out, and this will add to the “love” of Facebook once again.

The Problem – Making Introductions

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly hold Facebook to be a necessary tool in just about every marketer’s tool belt. There has been one primary problem to this point with trying to leverage Facebook to build your audience, and that has been finding targeted people on Facebook that are not already connected to your brand. Read More.
Google Encrypting 100% of Keywords and
What it Means For SEO
By: Zain Shah

Has the increase in (not provided) data affected your on-line marketing efforts? For those unfamiliar with “not provided” data, let’s dive into the past for a moment. The year is 2011. Google announces that it will encrypt keyword searchers for users who are logged into their Gmail accounts. This was supposedly implemented due to privacy issues. This meant that anyone who was logged into their Gmail account and happened to find your site in a search results page, Google would not reveal how they got to your site (or specifically, what keyword they typed to find your beautiful website). This meant a portion of organic search traffic would be thrown into a “not provided” bucket. At the time the change was implemented (October, 2011), this unknown bucket only accounted for a few percentage points of organic search traffic and no one worried about it as much. Fast forward to October 2013 and the unknown bucket has grown to almost 70% of all organic search traffic! This is huge. Not only does this make SEO reporting challenging, but it also makes it difficult to find keyword opportunities. Read More.
Irrational Herding or a Marketing Gold Nugget?
By: Lisa Maier

Are you a think-for-yourselfer? Do you weigh positive and negative Yelp reviews with a cold, dispassionate sagacity? Do you fancy yourself immune to the influence of others when you browse Reddit? That’s cute. Newly published research says you’re wrong.

A study that appears in the latest issue of Science reveals that users on social news aggregator sites like Digg, Reddit and Hacker News are heavily influenced by the opinions of other users, viewing comments differently depending on how they’re rated previously. Sound obvious? It’s not.


This is one of my favorite articles of late. I know I am on to something when I am feeling a combination of slight embarrassment, intrigue, and a dawning realization of the meaning, in terms of how to use the information in some way for increased effectiveness. All true here, and in this case, for more effective marketing. Well worth the momentary discomfort when a ‘truth’ interrupts my blissful state of ‘knowing.’ Read More.
Using Social Media Buttons On Your Website
By: Mary Hamilton

If your business has a social media profile, it may be time to grow your fan base. Having social media buttons on your website is an easy way to increase your followers. Although the number of followers you have doesn’t always equal traffic to your website, it does mean that you have a larger audience which is a good thing. Once you have followers, in order to move beyond simply posting and hoping that people will click through to your website, you need to engage with your audience.

Why Should I Add Social Media Buttons?

As a business owner, you know not every person that visits your website is going to immediately become a customer. In fact, most visitors will not. So how do you make sure they’ll come back when they’re ready for your product or service? By keeping in contact with them. Read More.
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