Trust and Credibility...Critical in Today's Marketplace
By: Vicki Donnowitz

The volatility of the global marketplace; the economy, terrorism, political corruption, corporate scandals, scam artists, and more have left us feeling uncertain, unsafe and not knowing who to trust anymore. People only want to buy from companies that have credibility and can meet expectations. People they trust! Both character and competence are vital to trust and sustained success. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tagline is appropriately, "Start With Trust".

Does your website have credibility? Do your prospective clients trust you?

There are 2,000,000 search inquiries on Google every minute! When an interested prospect finds you online and clicks to your website, will they contact you? Trust and credibility are the key. Read More.
Are You Feeling The Love?
By: MoJo Decker

February being the "month of love" has made me reflect on how we communicate love for customers and potential customers in marketing.

If you've read anything in way of marketing over the last year, you'll remember how much of the focus of marketing has moved away from simply presenting your product or offer, and toward building a relationship with your audience, empowering them to become your biggest advocates.

Building Effective Relationships

When I think about building relationships in business, I think it correlates really well to how you build an effective dating relationship. There's the introduction, some getting to know each other, a little trust, then either the magic happens or it doesn't and you move on.

The process for business is exactly the same. Someone is introduced to your business, either through another relationship in their life, or through your marketing efforts. From there, it's a process to convince your target market you are brand or product they like and can trust. As this trust develops further, they'll be your brand champions for life.

Don't believe me this actually works? Have you seen the marketing strategy Progressive Insurance has been using through their "Flo" character? Read More.
Incredible Results
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