Marketing To Children Is A Waste Of Time! Or Is It?
By: Kim Figor

One of the most important decisions a marketer has to make is where he or she will allocate a limited marketing budget. How much money should be spent on branding? How much money should be spent on which product or services? And, the question I will be talking about today, what demographic should be the target market?

One school of thought is that it’s best to invest money towards adults and parents because these are the people who have the money to spend. Another school of thought is to advertise to the children because they will influence the adults to spend money. Before I give you my opinion, let me share a few recent conversations that my husband, Eric, and I have had with Paris, our 6 year old daughter.

Conversation 1

A few weeks ago, on his way out the door to leave for the grocery store, Eric yelled back to see if anyone needed anything. Paris replied, "Yes Daddy. I need some Febreze and OxiClean." Read More.
Taglines: How to Craft the Message That Engages
By: Lisa Maier

Lately, we at LocalDirective have been working with several companies that are looking for new or updated taglines. And, even we are considering a change to our long-lived tagline, “we mean more business.” Taglines can serve many different purposes, from providing a clarifying and pithy statement of purpose or a slogan, to communicating a company’s guiding principle or belief. What they have in common, though, is that they are intended to influence buying behavior by connecting on an emotional level.

What surprises most people is that taglines can be changed over time. Many think that taglines (and even logos, for that matter) are written in stone, never to be changed once developed. The truth is that taglines can and should change… and they should be changed more frequently than should logos. The reason is that it is imperative they remain fresh in a marketplace that is constantly changing.

Even though taglines are short, they are not necessarily easy to develop. There should be some level of soul-searching, and most certainly, they should be rooted to your strategy, and even to your company's mission and vision. In the end, a tagline must communicate who you are, reflect your brand personality, and must differentiate you sufficiently from your competitors. And, as I said, it must also connect on an emotional level, so your customers and prospective customers 'get it' in the gut. Read More.
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