January 2011

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Did You Know?

Many of our website development clients have chosen LocalDirective because of our focus on building websites that convert, and our skills in direct marketing copywriting that enables us to deliver on that promise.

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How To Exceed Your Goals

When a Los Angeles specialty medical practice came to us asking about this "Internet Fad", we took seriously their request. Having used direct mail and Yellow Pages in the past, this clinic was looking for a way to engage new clients and continue building their business.

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Can You Predict The Future?

While we don't have a crystal ball telling us exactly what's going to happen and when, we do have market trends and analysis to give an idea of what's coming in 2011. Overall, this is going to be an exciting year, and here are some things we agree you should be watching for and looking to incorporate in your marketing strategy...

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Will You Swap Links?

Link building is an integral piece of any solid SEO campaign. When you consider links make up about 42% of what determines where a site shows up in Search Engine Rankings, this is a factor you simply cannot afford to ignore.

One link building strategy is Reciprocal Link Building, otherwise known as link swapping. If you are the admin listed on a website, then you are sure to have received a request to place a link on your site in exchange for a link back. The universal question to SEO newcomers is: Should I do it?

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What about Facebook?

If you've been watching any portion of popular media lately, there are two important things you've recently seen with regard to Facebook:

  1. The Social Network, story of Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook, won 4 Golden Globes
  2. Facebook was the most visited site in 2010, outranking Google.

Why all the hubbub about this place where people play games and connect with old college friends?

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Go Mobile in 2011!

As you sit down to map out 2011 goals for your business, consider this: The adoption rates of smart phones and other 3-G technologies are some of the highest ever seen.

This growth means many customers and prospective customers can no longer be counted on to view your website from a desktop or laptop browser; instead they may be viewing your website on their mobile devices.  Since it is probable your browser-based website does not render correctly on these mobile devices, working with companies like LocalDirective can help you get an affordable mobile presence and a marketing plan to harness this incredible opportunity.

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Does Net Neutrality Make a Difference to Your Business?

At the end of December, the FCC voted to adopt the "Net Neutrality Rules", beginning the process of giving some regulation to how the Internet works in the United States. While this is expected to be debated in Congress as to its appropriateness and may be overturned, it is important to understand exactly what it is and how it's going to impact businesses across the county.