2013's Biggest Investment In Marketing
As a marketing professional I get the pleasure of seeing what a lot of businesses do to help promote their businesses. From saturation mailing, to radio spots, to websites, PPC and social media, I've seen it all. What surprises me most is how many businesses oversee their most important marketing asset.

Value Those Who Invest In Your Business

Your team, whether you have consultants, temps, contractors, or full-time employees give your business the one thing they can never get back: their time. Given that, they can be your most powerful asset as well as your most threatening detractor.

Here are some tips for how to get the most marketing benefit from your team. Read More.
Customer Engagement Is The New Marketing
Most of us in marketing realize consumers have grown more and more empowered in the internet age, meaning traditional sales and marketing mediums are becoming less and less effective. To compete in this environment, businesses need to change their methods from traditional forms for marketing to true customer engagement if they want to succeed in building strong customer loyalty and ongoing relationships with their client base.

The last several years have brought about a fundamental shift in how people purchase goods and services in our society, and this has naturally been followed by a corresponding shift in how companies are marketing to those buyers. As consumers shift to Do Not Call lists, digitally record their favorite television shows and skip commercials while watching them or bypass their local cable company altogether and pay a provider like NetFlix to provide their favorite shows directly, our marketing culture continues to move away from the erstwhile effective "interruption-based" marketing model to one that is "permission-based."

Some companies are doing this well, while others are most definitely lacking. Early in my sales career, I recall being taught a customer who has a positive experience with a company will tell three people while those with a negative encounter will tell 10 people. However, in this day and age that is no longer the case. Whether customers have a positive or negative experience, they now have the capability via social media to tell hundreds or even thousands of people.

Recently I saw a Facebook post from a friend, who was standing at the airport in New York and having an awful experience with her airline. In real time she posted her frustration on her wall, and this is a woman with over 4,000 friends on Facebook. Dozens of them joined in with comments to her post expressing similar dissatisfaction with the same airline. Read More.
Incredible Results
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