Did You Get This Email Too?

By: Don Van Ert
You receive an email with the above subject line or something similar and then panic. Is it true? What should you do?

Let's look at the facts and details. First of all it is spam and the sender knows nothing about your website, SEO, SEM or SMM efforts or success. They are simply sending out a mass mailing with the hope of creating doubt in the minds of legitimate businesses who already work with reputable digital marketing partners. The email is not addressed specifically to you by name. There is a general greeting such as "Hi" or something similar. Companies who operate this way are generally not legitimate. Why do I suggest that? Read More.
Five Things You Can Do To Double Your Website Conversion
By: Mark Bowens

There are many reasons why prospects don't take action when they land on a website, but we choose five (non-technical) things you can improve to increase website conversion almost immediately. Read through the five and then take a look at your website. Where can you improve? Read More.
Assisted Conversions: Stop Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water!
By: Kim Figor

Every marketer is tasked with identifying the marketing vehicle(s) that will result in the most revenue at the lowest cost. During discussions with my clients regarding this endeavor, I often hear pains of frustration. This frustration is primarily caused by the inability to accurately identify a direct marketing path to a sale. The reality is that in today's world, this direct path seldom exists.

Understanding how assisted conversions work and what the data means will help to minimize a lot of the frustration. Read More.
Why Social Signs Are Important for Your SEO Campaign
By: Zain Shah

Social Media Marketing is all the buzz in today's internet marketing space. With the evolution of SEO, Google is now taking into consideration "social signs" into its algorithm for ranking websites in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Social media marketing (as it relates to Google or SEO) broadly refers to activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. According to many studies and research, social media marketing may account to a whopping 25% of the Google algorithm (depending on the industry). This is especially true if all your competitors are engaging in aggressive social media marketing through these channels. Read More.
Incredible Results
See how a multi-site orthopedic practice was able to see amazing results with a LocalDirective Integrated Marketing Program.

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