Storytelling and Your Business
By: Mary Hamilton

"Storytelling" has become a word that has found it's way into the business world. And though storytelling has been around for ages, only recently has the business community recognized the effect of strategic storytelling. Today storytelling is used to position brands, transform business, engage customers and align employees. When properly used, storytelling is a pull, not push, strategy as it involves engagement and interaction from the audience. Great leaders in history have long understood this power of telling a story to unite people and call for action. These leaders, and now the business community, understand the process of changing one mind or the whole world must begin with a story.

Telling Your Story

One of my favorite hobbies is cooking and I enjoy watching cooking shows on TV. One of my favorite shows is "The Next Food Network Star". During the last season there were two contestants; Justin Warner, a "Rebel With a Culinary Cause" and Emily Ellyn, with her "Retro Rad" style of cuisine. In the beginning of the season Justin was quiet and a bit of a mystery, while Emily had a cool look and quirky style. The producers and judges kept asking these contestants to "tell your story of who you are or else people will not care about you, your food or your show." By the middle of the season, Justin was telling the story of how he was inspired to become a chef by his father and reminisced about cooking with him before he passed away. Emily, on the other hand, kept repeating that she was "Retro Rad" (whatever that meant) and refused to talk about her past. By the finale, as you can guess, Emily was long gone and Justin was the winner.

The bottom-line is, that the contestant with a memorable, relatable story won. The producers knew that we all want to be told a story and even if you think a show is about cooking, it's really about someone's story of cooking. Think about events such as the Olympics. We become fascinated with the stories behind the people who are competing. It draws us to them and it makes us care. They are no longer names and faces to us, but people whom we have come to know and love. This is the power and magic that is storytelling. And you can use this same power and magic to get results for your business. Read More.
Social Media Analysis - Part 1
By: Lisa Maier

What Is It And Why You Need To Harness It
Sociology 101 And The Fond Recall of Simple Social Network Maps

I will start with a confession: I always wanted to be a sociologist but never could see how to make an interesting, non-academic career out of it. Yes, that dates me. However, I did the next best thing, which was to focus on behavioral economics, moving ultimately into business intelligence. Extracting actionable information from data.

Now, PhD sociologists, of course, are in high demand. Particularly as the *big brands* wrestle with *big data* of which an increasing percentage is of the social signals kind. As I follow the unfolding of this social data era, I think fondly of my first social network maps. Back when I thought it was awesome just to map out how information flowed between individuals, groups or organizations. Read More.
How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog
By: Zain Shah

How can my website get more traffic? This is probably the most asked question in the internet marketing space. Even more important than rankings, traffic is one of the most sought after metrics for internet marketers and website owners alike. In this post, I will show you how to get additional traffic to your website's blog using an advanced custom filter. Here's what you will need to accomplish the task:
  1. Access to Google Analytics
  2. This guest post
  3. A little patience
With these 3 essential ingredients, let's dive right into it. Read More.
Don't Believe Everything You Read:
How Quality Scores Impact Adwords Campaigns
Part 2
By: Kim Figor

In my last article, I talked about the flawed logic regarding Google Adwords Quality Score (QS) that some writers were presenting in articles. To summarize, many writers were stating that the QS was not only unimportant and should be ignored, but that the QS didn't impact the cost advertisers were paying. I pointed out the errors in their logic and provided you with insight into what exactly QS is and how a higher QS could save you money.

As promised, this article will focus on giving you suggestion on how to increase your QS without you having to obsess over it. The QS shouldn't be looked at as the magic pill that will lower the cost, but as a leading indicator of potential red flags or that you are moving in the right direction. It definitely is important, but shouldn't be obsessed over.

Before I talk about what you can do to improve your QS, let me warn you that there are certain situations outside of an advertiser's control that impacts the QS. Read More.
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