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Lisa Maier is the CEO of DirectiveGroup, and brings great passion and over a decade of experience in the online marketing space. Her background includes a undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology, a Wharton MBA degree in Information Strategies & Economics, top tier technology strategy consulting and several years helping small technology companies traverse the chasm from good products to nationally scaled businesses, particularly making use of online marketing and media programs.

Irrational Herding or a Marketing Gold Nugget?

Are you a think-for-yourselfer? Do you weigh positive and negative Yelp reviews with a cold, dispassionate sagacity? Do you fancy yourself immune to the influence of others when you browse Reddit? That’s cute. Newly published research says you’re wrong.

A study that appears in the latest issue of Science reveals that users on social news aggregator sites like Digg, Reddit and Hacker News are heavily influenced by the opinions of other users, viewing comments differently depending on how they’re rated previously. Sound obvious? It’s not.


This is one of my favorite articles of late. I know I am on to something when I am feeling a combination of slight embarrassment, intrigue, and a dawning realization of the meaning, in terms of how to use the information in some way for increased effectiveness. All true here, and in this case, for more effective marketing. Well worth the momentary discomfort when … Continue Reading

Social Media Analysis – Part 1

What Is It And Why You Need To Harness It

Sociology 101 And The Fond Recall of Simple Social Network Maps

Network Maps help us understand big data.

I will start with a confession: I always wanted to be a sociologist but never could see how to make an interesting, non-academic career out of it. Yes, that dates me. However, I did the next best thing, which was to focus on behavioral economics, moving ultimately into business intelligence. Extracting actionable information from data.

Now, PhD sociologists, of course, are in high demand. Particularly as the *big brands* wrestle with *big data* of which an increasing percentage is of the social signals kind. As I follow the unfolding of this social data era, I think fondly of my first social network maps. Back when I thought it was awesome just to map out how information flowed between individuals, groups or organizations.

The New Era: Big <Data> Relevance In

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