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An Online Presence Is Critical In Today's Marketplace. Many people are under the impression that you cannot target geographically online. DirectiveGroup is a leader in growing your online business, whether that's around the corner or around the world. Geographical targeting optimizes your online marketing by matching your products or services to different cities, regions or countries with where your customers live and work.

Is Geographic Segmentation Right for You?

If you have a business, the answer is yes. Geographic segmentation is more than just segmenting the market based on where people live. There are four main ways to geographically segment your target market.


Basic Geographical Segmentation

The most common way is by city, county, state, or region.


Advanced Geographical Segmentation

Advances in marketing and advertising now allow businesses to segment messages, and therefore your market, based on rural, suburban, and urban consumers.


Climate and Weather

Climate is often a method of segmentation overlooked by businesses but very important for the successful consumption of some products like seasonal items.


Population Density

Finally, segmentation based on total population is beneficial for certain industries because consumption patterns vary based on the size of the area.

When Is Geographic Segmentation Effective?


Businesses can segment their market geographically when they are trying to focus on one particular area. Integrated marketing strategies allow for very easy geographic segmentation that can be cost effective and drive business. Using social media and search engine marketing, dollars to target local residents is a common way for businesses to attract new customers.

Regional Differences

Geographical segmentation is also effective when there are regional differences in the consumer's preferences. Food, for example, varies from coast to coast. The south is known for its barbecue so if you're in the business of offering seasonings, sauces or any other product that goes along with good old fashion BBQ, geographical segmentation would be a good place to start when you develop your marketing plan.

Get Started Segmenting Your Market

Just about every company could benefit from specialized targeting using demographic, psychographic, behavioral or geographic methods. At DirectiveGroup, our goal is to deliver maximum volume of business from the highest profit-producing segment. Thus, your national advertising may have some local or regional components to achieve the highest ROI, utilizing the capability of all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) to allow your ads to be shown to visitors located in the US, in targeted metros or states within the US, or even a radius around particular locations.

Why DirectiveGroup?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that have one specialty or one point of view, DirectiveGroup has a rich and widely dimensional body of expertise in marketing strategy development, marketing plan development, online marketing and advertising, and website development. You need marketing segmentation to be effective, so why not choose a digital agency that has the in-house experience to deliver what you need?

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