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Being Ranked Number 1 Doesn't Always Mean More Business

Congratulations! You ranked number 1 on Google… but more traffic did not come your way. Now, you're really confused. Didn't the experts tell you once you reached the coveted number one spot, your business would increase?

Visibility is key

They should have told you there is much, much more to consider than the ranking of your targeted keywords. Visibility is broken down into two categories: branded and non-branded.


Branded SEO Visibility

An important piece of your SEO campaign, branded visibility is the easiest to optimize for. It focuses on branding your specific company or product brands. Here are four examples of how you can increase your brand visibility:


Know Your Audience

In order to know where to speak to your audience, it is important to know who they are and what they are talking about. It is even more important to join in a meaningful way.


Publish Significant Content

Publish more content , in such venues as various social media platforms, and increase your visibility. Publish remarkable content and watch engagement skyrocket.


Viral or Video Marketing

Viral marketing, with tools such as videos, content and photos, helps you to reach large groups of people quickly. They're easy to consume and easy to share. A couple of methods of viral marketing are: 1) Giving away a free report that offers value to your audience and 2) Creating a compelling video that people will want to share.


Partnership with Other Visible Brands

A direct partnership is the fastest way to build brand visibility because you're able to tap into your partner's audience and build recognition quickly.


Non-Branded SEO Visibility

Non-branded visibility will draw people to your site in a round-about way. They may be searching for your products, but not by your specific brand name - because chances are, they don't know you. For instance, they may be searching for "coffee shops" rather than "Starbucks' on Main". Even within the non-branded visibility, you must evaluate how much traffic is coming from your specific targeted keywords, or variations thereof, versus supplemental keywords, which are closely related, but not directly tied.

SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization is About More than Being Number 1

Evaluating search engine optimization considers many factors. In the end, it seeks to define whether your current optimization level will be competitive in the marketplace. SEO evaluation will first consider your current visibility, including your "share of voice," which is how dominant your site is among your target search terms, but will then seek to evaluate how much traffic you're receiving. The final component, being the most important, will evaluate the amount of business you're generating from your organic placement.

SEO Myths 101: "Guaranteed" Number 1 Placement in 30 Days

Thanks to the many and constant changes occurring in the search engine algorithms (on average more than one per day), no legitimate SEO provider will guarantee number one placement for effective keywords, let alone guarantee it within 30 days. Generally, those who do make such promises are either playing with the "dark arts" of SEO or relying on outdated SEO tactics.

White Hat SEO

In the SEO world, there are the practices that are generally accepted by the search engines, and are practiced by SEO professionals around the world. Then there are the more risky practices that could get you in trouble with the search engines. These are known as Gray Hat SEO tactics.

Black Hat SEO

At the extreme end of the spectrum you have Black Hat SEO. These are generally deceitful practices aimed to "game" the search engines to rank your site number one. While this seems attractive because of the potential to quickly achieve that high ranking, the risks far outweigh the potential benefits. First, the search engines have published these tactics as "banned" and can lead to your site not only being penalized, but also blacklisted form the search engine's index. Additionally, these tactics are generally not effective marketing. This means despite your position, your revenue will not increase.

Keeping Current with SEO Changes

Google's search algorithm is estimated to have 500-600 changes made annually. That is over one per day on average! If your SEO provider is not keeping current, the likelihood of your ranking high over the long-term is not probable.

In the end, search engines are interested in providing the best results to their users. This means that effective SEO should be taking the same approach by providing optimal content and design. Ultimately, this is what will help get better search engine ranking.

Ensure Your Search Engine Optimization Is Meeting Your Goals

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