Content Evaluation

Does Your Content Work?

Website content is comprised not only of words or text, but also includes graphics and structure. And, though a snazzy-looking site may grab attention for a moment, the words are what make visitors stay. Does your content shine?

Users are comprised of two groups: search engines and human beings

People search the web constantly looking for information - authentic, relevant and useful information. They want it presented in an easy-to-understand format with smooth navigation. And they want it written well.

Content counts

Content not only communicates your brand to potential and existing customers, but it generates higher rankings. Furthermore, if your content is exceptional, other sites may link to yours - causing even more visitors and even higher search engine rankings. Content matters now even more than before. And, content audits are also now more critical than ever before.

A content audit will increase your content effectiveness in the following ways:



Identify where to focus your efforts. What is good; what is missing; where to raise your game.


User Experience

Help your users find what they're really looking for and ensuring a better user experience.



Improving content quality refreshes your site.


Increase Traffic

By improving your page SEO, you will experience increases in both visitor traffic and loyalty.


Identify New Opportunities

It helps to identify opportunities for both repurposing content and for redesign.

Content Evaluation Can Benefit Your Brand

What is a Content Audit?

It is the process of taking a complete site inventory, ascertaining how to improve it in terms of structure, search engine optimization and general content quality. It enables you to find such problems as: being out of date, duplications, unused pages and badly-written content that doesn't engage your target market or address their needs.
A content audit can benefit your brand in that your visitors will notice your commitment to offer valuable information, keep current and to remain fresh. They will appreciate a good user experience, which will not only cause them to stay on your site longer, but will increase loyalty and web traffic.
And, of course, you will enjoy improved SEO. A content audit can also prepare you for a website redesign.

Increase Your Content Effectiveness

A content audit is the process of taking a complete inventory of your site and identifying how to improve it in terms of site structure, SEO and overall content quality. In order to increase content effectiveness, we need to evaluate, develop, and adapt existing standards for evaluating content. During the content audit, it's important to establish content behavior, relationships, and processes.

Take the First Step

Performing a website content audit is not a one-time event. Because an audit needs to be done on a regular basis, it's always a good idea to set up pre- and post-audit markers and benchmarks in order to continue to improve your site.

Let DirectiveGroup Help You Make an Impact

There is a difference between content auditing (qualitative) and content inventory (quantitative). If your goal is a full assessment, both tasks need to be undertaken; though, it is possible to do only one or the other.

Content auditing - also known as content assessment -is done by a specialized in-house team of SEO managers, content developers, project managers, directors, and website designers.

We begin by identifying all of the website's existing content, gathering primary data from sources, such as Google Analytics, and aggregating it into a master list. Then, we check the content. Finally, we use the collected information to gain insight and to find opportunities to improve your content and SEO, thereby increasing your ROI.

Though there are many genera we're looking for and at when performing a content assessment, the following four are typical.

  • We identify rarely-used content, asking, Is there something conclusive that can be inferred from this?
  • We identify oft-used content, asking, What does this say about the visitors? and, Can it be modeled, extended, or improved upon?
  • We determine how the design might be structured to facilitate better access or navigation.
  • We ask what content might be missing.

Partner with DirectiveGroup for Unparalleled Content Auditing Strategies

At DirectiveGroup, we believe the task of marketing should be handled with a balance of both strategic analysis and creativity. This ensures there are never stabs in the dark, and that your business is leveraging not only proven tactics but also those not-so-commonly used or even innovative forms of marketing that are entering the digital world at lightning-fast speeds.

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