Tanning Bed Remanufacturer


Tanning Bed Remanufacturer
  • Type: Refurbished Tanning Ned Sales
  • Geographical Coverage: Nationwide
  • Target Audience: Tanning Salon Owners
  • Value Proposition: A division of the manufacturer, sells reconditioned tanning beds

As a division of a popular tanning bed manufacturer, this company provides affordable alternatives to purchasing tanning beds new. Since the beds are refurbished by the factory, customers can count on quality and durability of the equipment.

The existing website had a dysfunctional search for available units leaving only the list all page for browsing products. The client needed to revamp the website to include more information, a workable search function, while maintaining the backend access to product information.

DirectiveGroup redesigned the site to include a custom backend, added an easy-to-edit specials feature, and revised content to attract leads and convert them into customers.

  • Deliver ROI with a website that would convert leads into customers.
  • Revise content that effectively attracts and converts leads.
  • Create custom backend functionality for product maintenance.
  • Build search functionality that allows visitors to access product information easily.
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Tanning Bed Remanufacturer


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