Performance Training


Performance Training
  • Type: Performance Training
  • Geographical Coverage: Nationwide
  • Target Audience: Businesses & Professionals
  • Value Proposition: Helps customers improve performance in both work and life

Geared towards both groups and individuals, the client provides training in performance skills and life or career transitions. Customers (students) can learn via downloadable workbooks, online presentations, group classes, or one-on-one training. Custom designed curriculum can be created for any business, government, schools or non-profit organization.

The website needed to detail training categories, address a multitude of audiences, provide information about the company and lead presenter, and provide a platform to keep current customers engaged and sell learning materials. The site was completely redesigned to include focused content, calls-to-action, and a blog for news and updates.

  1. Deliver ROI with a website that would convert leads into customers.
  2. Create content and purchase path that effectively attracts and converts leads.
  3. Provide platform for frequent updates and a place to sell materials.
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Performance Training


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