Marketing Strategy Furniture Manufacturer


Marketing Strategy Furniture Manufacturer
  • Type: Furniture Manufacturer
  • Geographical Coverage: Nationwide
  • Target Audience: Small Office/Home Office and Small to Medium Sized companies

Despite being a leading manufacturer of consumer and office furniture, our client struggled to find specific digital marketing tactics that could help increase revenue through existing partnerships with big box retailers like staples and Office Depot. Additionally, our client wanted to identify new online marketing channels that boosted sales.


Our Strategy - Gap Analysis

Our client's goal was to identify the best marketing tactics and better utilize current marketing spend with big box retailers online. However, we understood there were additional challenges that could prevent out client from hitting their goals. We completed a gap analysis, identified specific marketing tactics that would be mutually beneficial for both our client and its retail partners and avoid any channel conflict.

Audit Current Marketing Activities

Before we could make any recommendations on how to increase sales, we had to audit all the current online marketing activities. This allowed us to get a full picture of all our clients marketing tactics and understand how and if it fit into a bigger marketing strategy. This allowed us to identify strategic issues that negatively affected all our client's digital marketing.

Review Retail Partners

We reviewed each retailer individually and assessed opportunities in 5 major categories. We identified best practice and the gaps in current marketing for each retailer. We then recommended specific marketing tactics for each retailer.

Audit Website

We also looked at our client's website and assessed it using the same 5 categories. We identified major conversion opportunities and made recommendations for specific changes that would drive sales directly from the website.


Over the next 60 days we completed a gap analysis that provided a strategy to avoid channel conflict and identified multiple online marketing tactics for each of our client's 5 main partners. Over the next 18 months this lead to 439.40% ROI and 117.27% revenue to goal.

Marketing Strategy Furniture Manufacturer

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