From time to time DirectiveGroup team members will comment on a piece of content they see online. In this post, Kim Figor gives her opinion on 11 Surprising Reasons You Should Smile Every Day an article from Huffington Post, written by Alena Hall

If you are like the millions of people who are looking for ways to grow and improve themselves, you probably have already figured out you don’t need to look very far. Two minutes on the internet is proof of this. Anyone looking to improve their lives doesn’t have to look far. But did you know that something as simple as a smile can help you achieve many of your goals?

Here are 11 reasons you should smile every day – some more surprising than others.

  1. Smiling can improve your mood.
  2.  Even fake smiles do the trick.
  3. Smiling helps reduce stress.
  4. Smiling makes you more approachable.
  5. A smile makes you seem more trustworthy.
  6. Smiling actually retrains your brain for the better.
  7. Smiles are contagious.
  8. Smiles may strengthen the body on a cellular level.
  9. Smiling boosts your productivity.
  10. Smiling makes you more creative.
  11. Smiles are free!

What are you waiting for? Today is a perfect day to make a conscious effort to smile more.

Do you know of any other benefits to smiling? Please share them here.