Unmask the secrets holding you back with a
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We have a much better response this far in advance of the event date than we have had for other events, and we have more new registrants than before. This is exactly what we wanted. Keep doing what you are doing.

Nina N.
Director Marketing, J.K.
North America

I wanted to let you know that thanks to you, last month was a record month. We made a great decision working with your organization.

Dan B.
Program Director,
Medical Online Trading Company

After two years in trying different types of advertising: TV, radio, newspaper, flyers and postcards with hardly any results, your Internet campaign beats all my previous advertising hands down.

Charles B.
North Carolina Insurance Company

Take care of home - 50% of Websites Have Critical SEO Issues – Which 50% Are You?

A 2016 study that collected data on 100,000 websites and 450 million pages found that 50% of the sampled websites had a critical SEO issue.

Bigger Websites Have Bigger More Costly Problems

For a smaller website, technical issues may negatively impact your business or stop people from discovering your business at all, but generally there are fewer critical problems due to the size and lack of complexity of the website.

Unfortunately, larger brands (like manufacturers) and more complex ecommerce websites can lose hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars if these unknown technical issues go unchecked as they often do.

This is why we recommend an SEO audit before implementing any data based marketing or predictive analysis.

Here are some of the things you may experience because of SEO issues:

  • Rankings Drops
  • Google Penalties
  • Lost Revenue
  • Declining Website Traffic
  • Stagnate Traffic (this is often overlooked as an issue)

How Much Are Technical SEO Issues Costing Your Company?


We recently worked with a large brand that has thousands of duplicate pages, under-optimized title tags and descriptions, multiple on-page errors and technical complications that prevent people from finding the company's website unless already familiar with the brand.

In this case, the company is only receiving a small fraction of the potential organic traffic. And thus, a small fraction of the potential sales and profits.

We identified over 20 critical issues and made recommendations on how to fix each issue. When is the last time, your web team checked for critical issues?

SEO Experts at Your Service

Powerful, strategic SEO is not an automated set of tools designed to trick the search engines.

Strategic SEO is implemented by experienced professionals with an understanding of the "current” search engine processes and most importantly, an understanding of the clients target audience(s)

At DirectiveGroup we have a thorough step-by-step process for identifying and eliminating costly SEO issues that prevent your company from winning.


Phase 1: Preliminary Site Audit

The Preliminary Site Audit identifies major critical SEO issues and provides instruction on how to fix these problems. You may have seen other companies offer a preliminary audit before. The difference is other companies just plug your website into a scanning tool that spits out a report. These tools have their place, but that is not what we do. We utilize SEO technicians to manually review your website for the major critical SEO issues. These SEO experts will then recommend customized solutions based on your website and industry.

This is a much more valuable service and we intended it to be that way.

Phase 2: Deep Site Audit

A Deep Site Audit builds on the preliminary audit and goes into even more detail identifying all the technical and content issues (major and minor) for your entire website. As we dig even deeper, we'll need to access your analytics and search console. This audit is for serious companies that want to use SEO to build a competitive barrier to entry and can take anywhere from 30 to 60 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your website.

Phase 3: On-Page Optimization (Implementation)

Once you have received your deep audit and recommendations, you can pass it along to your developers, or you can have us complete all the optimizations for you. Fixing each of the identified issues one by one and optimizing each page on the website.


No Cost To You - Give your website a health checkup

An SEO audit is the only way to understand the health of your website and identify critical issues that may hurt your brand, web traffic and revenue.

For qualifying companies, we have decided to offer our preliminary audit as complimentary.

Extreme Value Without Obligation

We provide value up-front, at no cost, and you are not obligated to do anything extra- although we would love to have you as a client. There will be no pushy sales tactics or manipulation involved.

But be forewarned that the value we provide may compel you to work with us at some time in the future.

That's how we roll.

Guaranteed Quality

In fact, we guarantee the quality of the report and the value it will have on your business if implemented, but that is totally up to you.

We promise to do the work up front and deliver and awesome custom –preliminary audit for your business.

Before You Get Your Complimentary Preliminary SEO Audit – Read This

We're very selective about who we work with and find that we are able to do our best work with companies that fit these criteria:

  1. You must have quality products and a good reputation.
    We care about the companies we work with and we want you to care about your customers and clients the same way.
  2. Your company must already be doing digital marketing or is currently shifting resources to do digital marketing.
    We work best with companies that believe in the power of digital marketing and genuinely want to improve their online presence.
  3. Looking for outsourced partner to work closely with your internal team.
    If you have someone or a team working on your marketing but the breadth of expertise is too broad. We can work with your internal team to increase ROI.

How To Get Your Preliminary SEO Audit

If your company fit's these criteria, here what to do next: