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AI-Directed Sales Process Enablement

Super-Charge Sales Performance Without Overwhelm

Many sales people are pigheadedly resistant to great new tools, aren't they? Well, if your job were so decidedly clear about the line between performance and non-performance such that every moment of every day had a distinct plus or minus attached to it, you might see it the way they do. The problem with this approach is that every now and then, there is actually a fairly decent or, in rare cases, a supercharged tool that could actually cause a skyrocket improvement in results. Sales enablement tools powered by artificial intelligence truly fit into that rare category.

Use Cases for AI MarTech Solutions Sales Process Enablement

•   Persona-Based Marketing Tools

MarTech solutions provide insight into individuals and companies for account-based marketing and then these insights are combined into segments, which can be characterized by personas. Persona-based marketing is extremely powerful for early stage funnel development, leading much more effectively to a higher number of sales-ready leads with higher lead scores. Additionally, it is not uncommon for our MarTech tools to identify new segments that lead to completely unanticipated new revenue streams. This is the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning that takes the data available in the digital world to whole new levels of value, and this data can be integrated with Marketing Automation Tools such as Marketo, Eloqua, and even HubSpot, to enhance the effectiveness of these MarTech tools.

•   Account-Based Marketing Tools

Account-based marketing involves capturing information about a company that includes information about the company itself as well as about individuals at that company who participate as stakeholders in buying decisions, all in different capacities. CRM and MAP tools these days support this dual-level of selling but most are extremely dependent on sales for data input and/or they capture incomplete or inaccurate data. No so any longer, when you have integration into powerful MarTech AI tools. Now your sales team will receive much more complete and accurate data integrated right into your existing MAP/CRM tools and can trigger responses and notifications right from the system or trigger alerts to the sales team for action.

AI MarTech Accelerates Marketing Performance

Delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time, increases engagement and reduces costs across the entire spectrum of the content-heavy digital marketing eco-system. Consistently, the data shows that the 80/20 rule applies to conversion-focused behavior, where 20% of your marketing material is directly related to visitor conversion and engagement. Knowing which 20% is most effective enables the creation of more relevant and effective digital marketing assets and improving the visitor or customer experience.

Maximize Value Through MarTech Integration Services

The problem is that you - if you are like most companies - have 90+ MarTech solutions, and most probably live in their separate silos. As you read this, you are likely wondering if you could really get full value from an AI-powered Sales Enablement solution. The answer is resoundingly "yes" if you choose to use the expertise of an agency that understands your marketing goals and the problems you are trying to solve, and that has depth of expertise in selecting, implementing, optimizing and integrating these tools within your individual MarTech tool stack. That's DirectiveGroup! To get started, you can fill out the quick contact form or call us toll free at 1-866-925-9524.

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