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AI-Amped Customer-Facing Personalization

1-to-1 Engagement Will Become The New Norm

Over twenty years ago, a new era of 1-to-1 marketing was heralded. Not so easy to do, but today, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, it is now possible for MarTech solutions to learn about your customers, including theorizing about motivation and predicting behavior. And then responding or directing human response. For companies with intense consumer engagement, these tools - when implemented correctly - can cause customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention to skyrocket. Something to look at if you'd like to increase the stickiness of your brand through a higher intensity, more positive emotion engagement approach. B2C brands would surely benefit from these AI-driven enhancements.

Use Cases for AI MarTech Solutions Customer-Facing Personalization

•   Website Personalization

MarTech users gain insight into customers and prospective customers through your MarTech solution churning through massive amounts of data to learn about behavior and motivations. From here, the learning goes through a predictive and then prescriptive phase, at which point personalized experiences are served up, which can be jaw-dropping amazing as viewed through the changes in site engagement metrics and conversion rates.

•   Automated Content Creation / Content Recommendations

Aside from personalized website or digital platform experiences, our solutions help you to understand what content is consumed, in what order, by individuals and by segments who convert and who do not convert. These concise findings are invaluable and save you major dollars that might have otherwise been misspent on content that would not convert. Some tools even recommend levels of emotionalization to be added to content to increase engagement and conversion of your advertisements and other marketing material.

AI MarTech Accelerates Marketing Performance

Delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time, increases engagement and reduces costs across the entire spectrum of the content-heavy digital marketing eco-system. Consistently, the data show that the 80/20 rule applies to conversion-focused behavior, where 20% of marketing material is directly related to visitor conversion and engagement. Knowing which 20% is most effective enables the creation of more relevant digital marketing assets and improves the visitor or customer experience.

Maximize Value Through MarTech Integration Services

The problem is that you - if you are like most companies - have 90+ MarTech solutions, and most probably live in their separate silos. As you read this, you are likely wondering if you could really get full value from an AI-powered Customer-Facing Personalization solution. The answer is resoundingly "yes" if you choose to use the expertise of an agency that understands your marketing goals and the problems you are trying to solve, and that has depth of expertise in selecting, implementing, optimizing and integrating these tools within your individual MarTech tool stack. That's DirectiveGroup! To get started, you can fill out the quick contact form or call us toll free at 1-866-925-9524.

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